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Here’s your community calendar for Friday, September 21st, underwritten by Sopris Liquor and Wine, at the corner of 133 and Main in Carbondale.  For a list of today's events like the Wilderness Workshop Membership and Farewell to Sloan Shoemaker Party at Sopris Park follow the headline...

Longevity Project

For the past few months, The Post Independent has explored the trend towards an older population in Garfield County. The Longevity Project concludes on Monday with a panel discussion at Morgridge Commons. For this week’s news brief, KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh is joined by Post Independent editor John Stroud.

Union of Concerned Scientists

The US Department of Interior announced this week the roll-back of the 2016 Methane Waste Prevention Rule that had tightened oil and gas regulations on Bureau of Land Management lands. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh spoke with Jayson O’Neill, deputy director of the Western Values Project, a Montana-based public lands watchdog group, about the costs of the rollback.

KDNK’s Fall Membership Drive Nonprofit Spotlight continues with Adelaide Waters and Beth Shoemaker sharing with KDNK’s Raleigh Burleigh about Women’s Forum.

Ask the Vet Talks Animal Pain Awareness

16 hours ago
Alpine Animal Hospital

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month! Host Beth Broome is joined by Dr. Melissa Gisleson of Alpine Animal Hospital to speak on the topic.

Sopris Sun Editor Will Grandbois is joined by Sue Gray, representing the Carbondale Historical Society, and Carbondale-native Melanie Gianinetti Cardiff to talk about Carbondale's 109th Annual Potato Day Celebration.

Carbondale Clay Center Throws Down on Saturday

21 hours ago
Carbondale Clay Center

The Carbondale Clay Center's biggest fundraiser of the year is this Saturday, September 22! To learn more, Megan Tackett spoke with executive director Angela Bruno about the Throwdown Hoedown.

Raleigh Burleigh

Last Thursday, Western Colorado Independent Voters hosted a candidate forum for Colorado House District 57 candidates Bob Rankin and Colin Wilhelm. The most contention topic of the evening was Proposition 112, the 2500 foot setback initiative. This clip begins with Representative Rankin, the Republican incumbent. Audio of the full hour is available here.

Diane Orlov

KDNK’s Fall Membership Drive Nonprofit Showcase continues with Diane Orlov, introducing the Angel of Hope Mosaic Project.

Andy Zanca Youth News Team Ponders Media

Sep 19, 2018
Beth Wysong

For this month's show, The Andy Zanca Youth News Team gets three local perspectives on the changing forms of media. Solana and Lily, editors for Roaring Fork High School's school newspaper "The Rampage," join Sopris Sun reporter Megan Tackett and content creator Lem to weigh-in.




DJ Spooky on his Digital Fiction & Phantom Dancehall

Paul D Miller is a multimedia artist and author better known as DJ Spooky. S tation manager Gavin Dahl talks with him in the studio at KDNK about his new record Phantom Dancehall and his forthcoming book Digital Fictions.

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Rep. Bob Rankin Ready to Give Gallagher Amendment the Boot

The Gallagher Amendment was added to the state constitution 36 years ago to protect property owners from rising values. Now, it’s become a thorn in the side of some legislators, like Bob Rankin, who represents Colorado’s 57th District and who would like to see it repealed. He recently spoke with KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh about the amendment and its impacts on rural communities.

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New Home for Bonedale Ballet & Coredination

Alexandra and Anthony Jerkunica, the leaders of Coredination and Bonedale Ballet, speak to KDNK about the grand opening of their new location .

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Charlando con Crystal

Conociendo a Nuestros Candidatos: Paula Stepp

Paula Stepp, quien está corriendo para el puesto de comisionada en el Condado de Garfield con el partido demócrata , nos comparte su respuesta sobre si estaría a favor de que el Condado de Garfield fuera un condado sanctuario .

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