Mission Statement

KDNK provides public access radio that connects community members to one another and the world.

Why Community Radio?

In these days of streaming, satellites, and big corporate radio, why stick with community radio? Whether you live in New Castle, Aspen or anywhere in between, KDNK is one of the most listened to stations in the Valley according to an independent survey. This is because KDNK has stayed on course with its mission since 1983.

Community Radio Connects

KDNK connects the Roaring Fork Valley with local and global news and events. From NPR to Alternative Radio to the Roaring Fork Valley's own Youth Radio, KDNK is full of useful news and information. Start the day out with Morning Edition and regional news. Find local programming like Valley Voices focusing on unique local characters, as well as interesting visiting guests. Interviews run the gamut from Colorado congressmen to piercing professionals. Join our local volunteer programmers for the most diverse music programming anywhere. Add E Town, All Things Considered, New Dimensions, and Geek Speak and you have a recipe for KDNK.

Creates a Sense of Place

For over 30 years KDNK has lived up to it's mission to inform and entertain listeners using the diverse talents of volunteer announcers. The voices that make up KDNK are the voices of the valley. KDNK runs on volunteerism and love with a little help from staff. The yearly Labor of Love Auction, Membership Drives, and "fun"raising events are fueled by the people of the Roaring Fork Valley. Participate in what you hear, call a DJ at (970) 963-2976 and request a song, or volunteer to answer phones during membership drives...  participation in KDNK is participation in community. And it's fun. Contact Volunteer Coordinator Megan Larsen at megan at kdnk.org.

KDNK 2014 Programming Survey

According to our recent programming survey, KDNK is on the right track. Review the 2014 Programming Survey here.

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