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News: Generations later, Utes still connected to horses

News: Generations later, Utes still connected to horses February 4, 2010
Northern Ute Elder, Clifford Duncan, comes from a long line of horsemen, beginning with his great-grandfather. Clifford still has a small herd of eight horses, two of which are descendents of wild horses. KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh recently visited Clifford at his Roosevelt, Utah home to talk about the bond between Utes and their horses in their ancient culture and today.
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News: The end of Utes in Colorado echoes over a century later

News: The end of Utes in Colorado echoes over a century later February 2, 2010
PART ONE: Hundreds of years before Europeans arrived in the Roaring Fork Valley, there were the Utes. The nomadic natives used to roam the mountains and valleys of Western Colorado that we now call home. But one event in the late 19th century, changed all that for the tribe. KDNK's Mathew Katz has a look at how the Utes were pushed out of Colorado.

PART TWO: Both the people of Meeker and the Utes have had over a century to deal with the aftermath of the Meeker Massacre, and while there's been some progress at reconciliation, there are still areas where the two groups disagree. Both sides are still very stuck in an 'us-versus-them mentality.' KDNK's Mathew Katz traveled to Meeker, and found out that the wounds of the past are still raw there.

KDNK's Mathew Katz visits the site of the Battle of Milk Creek with the White River Historical Society's Sandy Shimko. The Battle of Milk Creek was a clash between the U.S. Army and the Utes, just before the Meeker Massacre, which led to the Utes being kicked out of Colorado.
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News: KDNK kicks off local history month

February 1, 2010
Today KDNK starts a local, month-long series about the history of the Valley. We've hired a new news reporter to help tell you some of the untold, bigger picture stories that affect Carbondale and the Valley as a whole. His name is Mathew Katz. News Director Conrad Wilson sat down with Katz to discuss what exactly we'll be bringing you over the next few months.
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