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Water in the West

KDNK Community Radio and Aspen Public Radio teamed up to bring listeners this in-depth series looking at the threats to the region's water. Reporters from the two stations examined how population growth, climate change, the loss of agricultural land, developments and the energy industry all put strains on Colorado's limited resource. The demands on water that impact states like Arizona and California are moving upstream and are just decades away in Colorado.

The series is underwritten by the Colorado River District. This series is also brought to you by the Aspen Thrift Shop in collaboration with the Manaus Fund.

Reported by:

Bente Birkeland, Mathew Katz, Marci Krivonen, Mitzi Rapkin, Steve Skinner, Kristina Tabor and Conrad Wilson.

Edited by:

Alisa Barba, Co-Editor of Indie Edit

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Keeping Water in the Crystal

June 15, 2016
KDNK's Gavin Dahl speaks with Aspen Journalism's Brent Gardner-Smith about his article "Keeping Water in the Crystal." Click here to read the story.
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Special Report: Neonics in the Water

October 5, 2015
Neonicotinoid insecticides have devastating impacts on bees and other pollinators. But, now, a new report exposes the full scope of their threat to our waters - with toxic effects that can harm entire food chains and ecosystems. Frani Halperin and Jamie Sudler of H20 Radio, a non-profit media organization in Denver, CO that covers local and global water issues, have this story.
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Redefining the waters of the United States

May 29, 2014
Environmental Protection Agency officials visited the Roaring Fork Valley Wednesday to talk about a proposed rule that they say will clarify the Clean Water Act. The changes are a joint effort with the Army Corps of Engineers, which implements sections of the law. And, they start with re-defining the term, "waters of the United States." KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh has more.
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Recent snowstorms brings snowpack above average in Roaring Fork Watershed

February 4, 2014
Even though Western Colorado is still classified as "abnormally dry"... the heavy snowfall over the last week has been enough to push snowpack levels in the Colorado River Headwaters area up to around 120% of normal. KDNK's Eric Skalac spoke to Sarah Johnson of the Roaring Fork Conservancy to find out how the Roaring Fork Watershed is doing.

You can find up to date watershed and snowpack information on the Roaring Fork Conservancy's homepage
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Historic water agreement brings Front Range, West Slope together

July 17, 2013
Members of the Colorado Water Conservation District celebrated an historic water use agreement and discussed the state of Colorado's water at a meeting in Glenwood Springs this week. KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh has more.
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Federal studies look at 50 years of water quality in Western Colorado

June 13, 2013
At June's monthly energy advisory board meeting, a small group of citizens, press and a class of high school students learned about new federal reports on local water. The studies drew on more than 50 years of data and sought to identify the quality of ground and surface water in the Piceance Basin. And as KDNK’s Marilyn Gleason reports, the studies apply to several watersheds in Western Colorado.

The groundwater and surface water studies are available on the U.S. Geological Survey's website.
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Wetland and water body setbacks remain in county code

June 12, 2013
And ear-piercing fire alarm interrupted Tuesday's Garfield County commissioner hearing about the proposed revisions to the county's land use code. In the thick of an extended conversation about water protections, a scheduled fire drill forced participants to evacuate the building. But as KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh reports, that didn't stop commissioners and conservationists from compromising on water body and wetland protections. 

Related: Army Corps of Engineers biologist weighs in on Federal protection of wetlands and water bodies in GarCoGarCo land use code revisions could mean big changes for countyGarCo revising county land use codes
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Army Corps of Engineers biologist weighs in on Federal protection of wetlands and water bodies in GarCo

June 11, 2013
Garfield county Commissioners are in the process of revising the county land use code. Public hearings about Phase II of the revisions began in May. One section of the code pertains to county standards for wetlands and water body protections, which may be deleted if the current recommendations are approved, including the existing 35-foot construction setback. Commissioners say that state and Federal regulations are enough.

KDNK's Amy Hadden Marsh spoke with Army Corps of Engineers biologist Leslie McWhirter about Federal regulations and found out that no setbacks are required.

Related: GarCo land use code revisions could mean big changes for countyGarCo revising county land use codes
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The Colorado named most endangered river

April 22, 2013
Last week the group American Rivers published a report calling the Colorado the most endangered river in the country. KDNK's Ed Williams spoke with American Rivers regional director Matt Rice about the report.

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Roaring Fork Conservancy Commissioner Candidate Water Forum

Roaring Fork Conservancy Commissioner Candidate Water Forum September 28, 2012
On September 27th, the Roaring Fork Watershed Collaborative and Roaring Fork Conservancy hosted a Candidate Forum on Water for Eagle, Pitkin & Garfield county commissioner candidates at the Third Street Center.

Aspen Public Radio's Carolyne Heldman moderated the forum, which was composed of John Young and Steve Child of Pitkin County; John Martin, Sonja Linman, Aleks Briedis and Mike Samson of Garfield County; and Courtney Holm and Jon Stavney of Eagle County.

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