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Pan and Fork residents say new housing code comes up short

September 10, 2013
Tonight the Basalt town council will give a final vote on a measure that will permanently change the town's affordable housing rules. The move is part of the town's ongoing effort to relocate the residents of the Pan and Fork mobile home park in order to do restoration work to the riverbank, and to build a recreational park and possibly a hotel at the site. KDNK's Ed Williams went to the Pan and Fork to talk to residents living there, and find out what the change in affordable housing would mean for them.
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Basalt moving forward while Pan and Fork mobile home park residents worry about their future

August 29, 2013
Tuesday night the Basalt Town Council met for their regular work session. The meeting room was packed full as council members were set to vote on five items related to the relocation of residents of the Pan and Fork trailer park and the redevelopment of the land after residents are moved out. KDNK's Ed Williams was there and filed this report.
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The Costs of Basalt's Community Campus Development

November 19, 2012
In the town of Basalt, there's a large development project in the works called the Basalt Community Campus. There, the town is partnering with Roaring Fork Community Development Corporation to build a hotel, a nonprofit center, and a river park, on the site of what is now the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park.

But first, the 38 families who live in the park have to move out. And though Basalt has an ordinance that requires the developer to replace the houses that are slotted to be removed, the ordinance doesn't ensure that the current park residents will get that new housing.

KDNK's Sophia Clark investigates this complicated project in a two part series, available now in our news archives.

VCR zoning rejected by Carbondale residents

February 1, 2012
After years of discussion, Carbondale residents voted down the proposed Village at Crystal River development in Tuesday's public election. KDNK's Eric Skalac has more.
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Weekly News Brief for January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012
KDNK's Eric Skalac talks to the Sopris Sun's Lynn Burton about fact checking some of the claims coming from the Village at Crystal River community groups.
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Panelists address development issues at town hall VCR forum

Panelists address development issues at town hall VCR forum January 5, 2012
More than 150 residents of Carbondale and the surrounding area attended Wednesday's forum on the proposed Village at Crystal River development. Moderator Tim McFlynn asked panelists questions supplied by the audience, covering the project's public improvement fee, the town's economic stability and other issues relating to the development.

The panel opposing the development was composed of Debbie Bruell, Bob Schultz and Allyn Harvey. And the panelists supporting the development were Mark Chain, Frank McSwain Junior and the VCR developer, Rich Shierburg.

KDNK Forum on the Village at Crystal River

December 20, 2011
Is the proposed Village at Crystal River development right for Carbondale? KDNK's Eric Skalac moderated a forum with Mark Chain, of the "Say YES to Carbondale" community group, and Allyn Harvey, of the "Locals for Smarter Growth" community group. Chain and Harvey answered questions from the moderator and from listeners who called with their own questions and comments.

Click through to our archives for the full audio from the forum and a summary of the VCR proposal prepared by the town of Carbondale.

VCR community groups disagree on the PIF

December 16, 2011
Is a public improvement fee, or PIF, a fair cost for improvements to highway 133? KDNK's Eric Skalac asked representatives from community groups supporting and opposing the Village at Crystal River development about the controversial element of the proposal.
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An interview with "Say yes to Carbondale" spokesman Frank McSwain Jr

December 15, 2011
In advance of next month's public vote on the proposed Village at Crystal River development, community political groups have been formed to educate and influence voters. Frank McSwain Jr., spokesman and co-chairman of the "Say YES to Carbondale" group recently sat down with KDNK's Eric Skalac to talk about why the group was formed and why they believes the development is right for Carbondale.
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Interview with the "Locals for Smarter Growth"

December 13, 2011
At the end of January, Carbondale residents will be asked to vote on a 24-acre development proposed for land west of 133 and north of Main Street in Carbondale. The Village at Crystal River development--or VCR--has been discussed by town trustees for years, and in November was finally approved by the board and referred to public vote. Since then, community political groups have been formed to educate and influence voters.
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