Alternative Radio

Alternative Radio Alternative Radio is a weekly one-hour public affairs program offered free to all public radio stations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and on short-wave on Radio for Peace International. AR provides information, analyses and views that are frequently ignored or distorted in other media.


One of the great new DJs at KDNK, specializing in the semi-obscure.

Big Daddy's Rock n' Blues / The Frog Princess Show

Big Daddy's Rock n' Blues / The Frog Princess Show Mix it up the sound on your Wednesday afternoons by having Big Daddy playing Rocking Blues 2 times a month and Susie Darrow playing folk Rock and blues the other 2 Wednesday afternoons.

Billy Bob's Revenge / My Show

Billy Bob's Revenge / My Show Billy Bob takes off his tool belt for this show and lets it all hang out!! Rockabilly, rock and roll, ska and spiritual rule these 2 hours of pure adrenalin.

Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

E-Town w/ Nick & Helen Forster

E-Town w/ Nick &  Helen Forster etown's mission is to educate, entertain and inspire a diverse audience, through music and conversation, to create a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable world.

Express Yourself

Preview the weekend arts and entertainment offerings

Flash Cafe

An eclectic tour of old and new music from around the world.

Geek Speak

Geek Speak

Tune into Geek Speak for everything you want to know about computers, technology, love and more...

Good Noise / Biscuits and Jam

Good Noise / Biscuits and Jam Lark Ellen/Bryan Zukowski.  All I am trying to do is change the world and please everyone's earbuds...

Gospel of Music

Gospel of Music Dedicated to transmitting the Absolute Truth of music. Put your hands on the radio! And feel the power! Don't touch that dial! Start your week out with some of the best tunes you will ever hear - from rock to roadhouse and lots of the new, db knows his music and loves to share it.

Keller's Cellar

Produced by noted, and KDNK favorite, musician Keller Williams. A tour through his stunning record collection, this show often features live recordings. We run this three times a week at 1am (Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.)

Les Is More

Les Is More Hey- Welcome to the Les is more page!  I have been a KDNK DJ for about 15 years and I am still loving every minute of it!  I play folk, Bluegrass, rock, reggae and more.  I love discovering new artists as well as playing some of the greats that have been around for awhile...

Loch Dinkle Monster Jazz

Hey Tune in with Roy Rickus for some of the best Jazz you'll hear! Every Sunday evening from 11 pm -1 pm.  A KDNK Dj since the beginning, you will not be dissapointed!

Merle & Chameleon

Merle & Chameleon We don’t know much about the Chameleon or Merle’s childhood.

Miss Management

Steve Skinner drive's 'er like she's stolen during the ever-eclectic Miss Management

Music City Roots

Music City Roots Live music from the Loveless Cafe Barn in Nashville

New Dimensions

New Dimensions Socially and spiritually relevant information, practical knowledge and perennial wisdom from Michael & Justine Toms and their guests.

New Orleans Calling

From our sister station in New Orleans, WWOZ

NPR's All Things Considered with KDNK Local News

NPR's <i> All Things Considered </i> with KDNK Local News The KDNK news team hosts All Things Considered starting at 5 p.m. on KDNK bringing listeners weather, traffic, and today's events. Local news with Ed Williams and Eric Skalac airs at 5:30.

NPR's Morning Edition with KDNK Local News

NPR's <i> Morning Edition </i> with KDNK Local News KDNK's Morning Edition host Steve Cole and the KDNK news team bring you local and regional news at 6:04 & 7:04. Listen each morning for up-to-the-minute news, background analysis, commentary, and coverage of arts and sports.

NPR's Weekend Edition

NPR's <i> Weekend Edition </i> NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday and Sunday news magazines bring listeners newsmakers, artists, scientists, politicans, musicians, writers, thinkers, theologians and all manner of news events.

Roots Branches & Buds / Beyond Beyond

Luke alternates tribal galactica and international music with acoustic, funk, blues and country.

Susie Tuesday

Susie J returns to KDNK's airwaves after a 13-year hiatus.

Swing Swing Swing

Swing Swing Swing When I was in Highschool the big swing bands were traveling the country doing one and two night stand.

Women's Voices

Women's Voices Tune into an incredible blend of some of the best woman's voices you will ever hear!!  Annie McIntosh shares her knowledge and love for music by females every other Monday from 10 am-noon.