Public Affairs

In this space,you'll find one of the essentials of KDNK, our public affairs programming. KDNK's mission is to provide public access radio that connects community members to one another and the world. The volunteer hosts of these shows often inform and entertain, and they connect our listeners with this community and the world.

KDNK Local Newscast

kdnklogoinverted300.jpgKDNK local newscast with Steve Cole and KDNK's news team.

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KDNK Programs: Geek Speak

eznfiximage061.jpgGeek Speak is KDNK's on-air computer help desk. Listeners call with tech-related questions and comments and our panel of three Geeks and a semi-geek usually provide helpful advice. Printer acting up? Wireless network on the fritz? Droid null and void? Call the Geeks on Mondays from 4:30-5:00 p.m. on the studio line at (970) 963-0139. Louie Girardot from Mountain Keyboard, Donna Dalton from the Mac Experts and Matt McBrayer from Cursed Valley productions join KDNK's Steve Skinner every Monday afternoon at 4:30 for Geek Speak.

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KDNK Programs: Valley Voices

DSC00352copy.jpgValley Voices is one of KDNK's longest running public affairs shows. Tune in the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 4:30 pm for conversations about local, regional, national-and sometimes international-issues and events with host Amy Hadden Marsh.

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KDNK Programs: Radio Physics

KDNKPhoto.jpegRadio Physics is for everyone! You don't have to be a scientist or even an aficionado to be fascinated by the questions and answers that you'll hear between 4:30 and 5:00 on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Radio Physics is a new collaboration with top high school physics students from Aspen to Rifle, the Aspen Center for Physics, and KDNK Community Radio in Carbondale. Students interview one of the more than 1,000 physicists who visit the Aspen Center for Physics every year. You'll want to know the answer to the questions that they ask. Tune in!

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KDNK Programs: The Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program

AZYEPphoto.JPGThe Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program (AZYEP) develops leadership, multiculturalism and identity by providing training and opportunity to youth in community broadcasting. AZYEP gives voice to youth ideas, experiences and events. Over the past 14 years, our program has continued to provide transformational experiences for over 1,200 local youth, providing them with access to media education, broadcast journalism, technical training and production activities. Each month, we broadcast a youth public affairs show. Tune in the third Wednesday of each month.

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KDNK Programs: Immigrant Stories

ImmigrantStoriesLogo.jpgYou have probably heard Immigrant Stories weekdays at 5:44 during All Things Considered. Now you have the opportunity to listen to an extended Immigrant Stories version. Tune in on the third Tuesday of the month from 4:30 to 5 when the host Walter Gallacher sits down with one of our valley's storytellers as they relate their family's journey to America.

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KDNK Programs: Senior Matters

mom1.jpgSENIOR MATTERS hosted by Diane Johnson, spotlights seniors in the community, representatives of senior services and programs and activities of interest to seniors. SENIOR MATTERS came into being in 2006 in response to the growing need for a voice that would speak to and for seniors in the Roaring Fork Valley. The valley offers a wonderful environment to live in, grow and grow older in. Statistics have proven that physical, mental and social activity plays a significant role in extending the life span of everyone in every age group. Recent surveys show that the average age for retirement, which used to be 64, today is now 70. Trends are changing - and it is only natural for our local aging population to enjoy and active lifestyle. The Carbondale community recognizes seniors as a valuable asset and provides the opportunity to contribute and expand their talents and knowledge.

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KDNK Programs: Living Permaculture

permacultureimage.jpgJoin us every fourth Wednesday of the month for Living Permaculture, KDNK's source for information on how to live a more sustainable life. Permaculture is a design system for ecological and sustainable living, integrating plants, animals, buildings, people and communities. Each month we feature a special guest and topic that is pertinent to the self sufficiency of this valley and the world. Hosts Jerome Osentowski and Stephanie Syson run the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute a non-profit in Basalt, Colorado.

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KDNK Programs: The Issue

issuelogo3.jpgFrom prisoners rights to corporate cash in local elections and everything in between, The Issue takes an incisive look at current events and social justice in Colorado and the Roaring Fork Valley. Listeners are invited to call in and join the conversation at (970) 963 2976. Tune in at 4:30 the first Thursday of each month to hear the latest episode.

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KDNK Programs: Shifting Gears

cropped2011ojai0065.jpgShifting Gears features conversations with people making life-sustaining choices. Human hearing is tuned for options that enable healthy choices. The nourishing rhythm of the sun and soil steady those who listen and stories from those breaking trails into a sustainable future inspire us. Have you ever sensed change coming, before it hit? Over the years we learn to expect change, it is happening now - we live in a time of transition. When change occurs, if we shift gears and are alert, more options are available. Join Will Evans for Shifting Gears the first Wednesday of each month at 4:30 on KDNK.

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KDNK Programs: Express Yourself

ExpressYourself2.jpgCarbondale and the Roaring Fork Valley are full of creative artists expressing themselves. And there is no shortage of nationally renowned touring acts visiting the many venues here. It all adds up to a crowded entertainment scene. KDNK's Express Yourself program highlights the many cultural offerings available to us. This is the program to listen to if you're curious about the latest theatre production in the local schools or the latest and greatest nationally touring band to visit a local stage. Live music, in-depth interviews and the occasional giggle. Express Yourself is enlightening, entertaining and informative. 4:00 on Friday afternoons.

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KDNK Programs: A Weight Off Your Shoulders

WOYSlogo.jpgA Weight Off Your Shoulders is a fast-paced call-in show hosted by personal trainer Edward Troy, and is dedicated to all things concerning fitness. Topics cover weight loss, sports, exercise, sports training, nutrition, personal training, holistic health and much more. Feel free to call in and feel empowered by answers from our experts. For more information, visit

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Project 64: Community Voices on Legalization

P64Oval.jpgA KDNK original series on Amendment 64 and the legalization of marijuana featuring interviews with police, educators, business owners, and community members from all walks of life. Project 64 paints a living picture of what legalization means for Colorado's communities.

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KDNK Programs: Ask the Vet

ATV.jpgAnimal fitness and health is as important to us today as our own fitness and health. Join local Veterinarians in discussing timely topics important to the health of your dogs, cats or horses every third Thursday of the month on Ask the Vet. See if you can stump the vet with concerns or curiosities about your own pet or maybe your friends or neighbors pets, by giving the hosting Vet a call during the question and answer session of the show. Subjects range from preventative health to treatment and behavior.

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2013 KDNK Board Candidate Interviews

Short interviews with six of the seven 2013 Board of Directors candidates, and a short explanation of the proposed bylaws changes.

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Start-up Stand-up

Start-up Stand-up explores issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation in western Colorado and the Roaring Fork Valley.

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