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KDNK Membership Drive Events and Information

August 4, 2010
KDNK Membership Drive Events and Information

KDNK - "A Community Treasure"
Membership Drive, Fall 2010
Pirate Theme
Goal - $60,000 plus

"KDNK Booty" Boxer shorts
- men's and women's - with KDNK Booty and skull and crossbones on the waistband. For Family Members and above.

KDNK Pirate Flag - Pirate Art from artist and author Tom Lichtenheld. Limited quantity of small boat flags for Sustainable Members to fly the KDNK colors.

KDNK "Smokin Grass" T-shirt - Limited quantity available to KDNK Susti-Members.

KDNK Time Capsule
KDNK is recording a digital time capsule to be opened when the station turns 100 years old. We will record the entire drive and save it. Members will be encouraged to record and call in with "Time Capsule Testimonials," which will be a message to the future and a snapshot of KDNK now. All members will be encouraged to become nearly immortal by participating in the TCT. Members can phone in live, prerecord on the telephone (970 963-0139) or come to the studio and be recorded.