Interview: When citizens are targeted for deportation

August 20, 2010
Over the past few weeks, we've brought you the story of Marco Guevara, a Carbondale man who up until recently thought he was a U.S. citizen and had a U.S. passport. Last month, he was swept up in a series of immigration enforcement raids targeting gang members. Guevara says he's both a citizen, and also not a gang member, and authorities eventually let him go after seeing his passport.

Last week, the state department revoked Guevara's passport, claiming he was never a citizen in the first place. The entire situation is another example of the confusing maze that is our current immigration system. Guevara's not alone -- thousands of citizens and legal immigrants are detained and deported every year. Jackie Stevens is Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University. She spoke with KDNK's Mathew Katz about her extensive research into this area.

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