Water in the West

KDNK and Aspen Public Radio News Collaboration

December 10, 2010
KDNK and Aspen Public Radio News Collaboration

KDNK Community Radio and Aspen Public Radio are teaming up to bring listeners an in-depth series looking at the threats to the region's water. Reporters from the two stations will examine how population growth, climate change, the loss of agricultural land, developments and the energy industry all put strains on Colorado's limited resource. The demands on water that impact states like Arizona and California are moving upstream and are just decades away in Colorado.

"Both radio stations provide the valley with daily news coverage. We wanted to see what would happen when we combined forces on a single subject. Our reporters got together and decided on water issues. This kind of subject matter requires in-depth coverage and by combining forces we are able to explore deeper and cast a wider net," said KDNK station manager Steve Skinner.

"This is our most robust collaboration yet and we look forward to serving the community with this project," he added.

The series begins Monday, December 13. You can hear the reports on Aspen Public Radio and KDNK during NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered. The coverage will also be available at aspenpubliradio.org and kdnk.org. The series is edited by former NPR Western bureau chief Alisa Barba.

The series is being underwritten by the Colorado River District which will provide links to the stories and related links on their website at crwcd.org.