Interview: David Montero on Utah's immigration reform bill

March 8, 2011
Nearly one year ago Arizona passed Senate Bill 1070. The bill is considered one of the most aggressive immigration laws on the books - despite the challenges it's faced in federal courts. Now in the wake of Arizona's bill, other state's are considering how they too want to step up immigration enforcement, while also dealing with undocumented people already in the US. Here in Colorado, lawmakers are considering a bill that would grant in-state tuition to undocumented students. And last week in Utah, two bills passed the legislature that would not only step up enforcement of immigration laws, but also create a guest worker program. The bills mark a step that mirrors many of the same elements of comprehensive immigration reform.

David Montero is reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune. He spoke with KDNK's Conrad Wilson about the two bills and what it could mean for Colorado.

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