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Man hit, killed on Hwy 133, but ID remains unknown

September 19, 2011
Man hit, killed on Hwy 133, but ID remains unknown

A man was hit and killed on Highway 133 over the weekend. And as KDNK’s Conrad Wilson reports, police are still working to identify the body.

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By Conrad Wilson

The accident took place during around 3 o’clock, Saturday morning in Carbondale between Weant Boulevard and 8th Street on Highway 133.

Police say a car was driving southbound on Highway 133 when the driver observed something lying in the traffic lane. According to police reports, the driver attempted to swerve and avoid the object, but was unable to do so and ran over it.

When those in the car went to check what they hit, police say they discovered a person lying in the roadway.

They called 911 and police were dispatched. Rescue workers attempted to resuscitate a man described as a Latino male in his mid-20s, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

Carbondale Police Chief Gene Schilling says after investigating the incident, it was determined it was the impact of the car that killed the man lying in the road. But Schilling says it’s unclear why he was there to begin with.

“We have no toxicology reports at this point,” Schilling says. “We’re waiting on that, which takes approximately two week or a little more to get that toxicology report back. Without that, I can’t really guess, but it seems weird that someone would be lying in the road like that.”

The Colorado State Patrol, Garfield County Sheriff, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and other agencies are investigating the incident.

“We’re just trying to follow up to see who might have seen the person during the evening that night and try and get a timeline of what may have happened during the evening to lead the person to be there on the road,” Schilling says.

Alcohol did not appear to be a factor with the driver of the vehicle. Police have some leads about who the victim might be, but are waiting further test results before releasing more information.

If anyone has any information, please contact the Carbondale Police Department at 970-963-2662.