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KDNK is hiring for Underwriting Sales Position

October 21, 2011
The right candidate for this part-timeĀ position will be motivated, organized, enthusiastic and knowledgeable inĀ  marketing and media sales.

Underwriting Sales Position

This person is in charge of soliciting all underwriters for KDNK. They work with the customer on their underwriting messages, and process the accounts payable and receivables, with the help of our bookkeeper. A 20 percent commission is paid on underwriting sales to existing customers and 30 percent on new contracts.

Additionally KDNK will pay 20 percent commission on all sponsorship and other income raised by the salesperson. And KDNK will pay $15/hr for up to ten hours per week as base pay and compensation for maintaining underwriting infrastructure.

The salesperson is responsible for sales materials and online information on underwriting.

This position requires the salesperson to be very familiar with KDNK properties. These include web site and web pages, podcasts, live events, and the myriad components of our broadcasts. These include the community calendar, local news, NPR, Democracy Now, music shows, Earth and Sky, etc. These niches in our programming provide businesses an opportunity to cater to their audience and provide the sales person with a variety of opportunities for marketing using KDNK.

This person should explore new angles for sales: website, specific programs, etc. These new properties add value to KDNK and give the salesperson an opportunity to serve the customer in new media.

The salesperson is responsible for scheduling announcements and ensuring that the station live read underwriting logs are accurate and up to date.

Please send cover letter and resume to steve at