Energy in the West

Jeff Dickinson of CLEER on Mandated Mitigation and Community Solar Gardens

May 9, 2012
Here in Carbondale, houses over 5000 square feet are required to mitigate the impact that their energy consumption has on the climate. Many homeowners do that by installing photovoltaic panels on the roof of their house. But Tuesday night, the Carbondale trustees were presented with another option: community solar arrays, or solar gardens.

A representative from the Carbondale clean energy company, the Clean Energy Collective gave a brief presentation to the board on the benefits of community arrays. By their model, a home-owner buys part of the array, which is installed off-site in a field of panels.

For context, the board asked local energy consultant Jeff Dickinson to do some research on rooftop panels versus community arrays. Dickinson is part of the renewable energy team for local energy consultant group CLEER and KDNK's Eric Skalac caught up with him after his presentation to find out about how solar works in Carbondale and about why the prospect of a new option for homeowners is a complicated proposal.
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