Ross Montessori Recommended for $12 Million BEST Grant

July 11, 2012
Carbondale's Ross Montessori school was recently selected as a recipient for a competitive state grant of nearly 12 million dollars that they'll use to buy land and construct a new school building.

The Building Excellent School Today--or BEST--grants are only awarded if the receiving institution can raise a matching contribution which leads some schools to file for waivers that reduce the required amount of that matching contribution.

In the case of Ross Montessori, they'll need to raise a matching contribution of around 1 million dollars in order to collect the nearly 12 million dollar grant.

KDNK's Eric Skalac recently spoke to Tami Cassetty--one of Ross Montisorri's founders--about the school's previous attempts to secure BEST grants and about their plans to raise the necessary matching funding.

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