NRG with MG

Himalayan glaciers illustrating climate change

February 19, 2013
Photographer and filmmaker David Breashears has looked down at the rest of the world five times from the summit of Mt. Everest. He filmed and helped direct and produce the IMAX film "Everest" as catastrophes unfolded around him--events later documented in the bestseller "Into Thin Air."

Today his non-profit Glacier Works seeks to meld adventure and photography into new awareness of threats to the planet, especially from climate change. Through Glacier Works, David Breashears' large-scale pictures of Himalayan glaciers came to the Aspen Institute last summer with the exhibit "Coal + Ice." This week, NRG with MG looks again at the art of climate change, as KDNK's Marilyn Gleason speaks with David Breashears.

Breashears' gigapixel image of the Mount Everest basecamp has garnered 500,000 hits and an interview on NPR--you can see the image that caused all the internet commotion by clicking here.
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