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Roundabout options for Hwy 133 and Main Street

February 27, 2013
An upgrade of Highway 133 is in the works, and part of that process is a new roundabout at the intersection of 133 and Main street.

Carbondale is working with the Colorado department of transportation to engineer the new highway and intersection and after recommending a two-lane "offset design" roundabout, CDOT is going through a peer review process to judge the design.

But after members of the town's board of trustees questioned the need for a two-lane roundabout, town staff explored other design options. At last night's town trustee meeting, Public Works Director Larry Ballenger described one potential alternative, provided by the Walkable, Livable Communities Institute, and roundabout specialist Michael Wallwork.

KDNK's Eric Skalac caught up with Ballenger after the meeting and asked about the difference between the roundabout designs.
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