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The Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program (AZYEP) is an independent non-profit organization. We believe youth have an important voice and the community needs opportunities to listen.  AZYEP partners with KDNK to teach youth radio broadcasting.

With your help, AZYEP empowers dozens of students each year by teaching them how to be radio announcers. They broadcast programs on KDNK and increase their self-esteem, confidence in using their voice and comfort public speaking skills by expressing themselves through music, hosting interviews, giving shout-outs and having candid conversations on the microphones.

AZYEP also partners with over 20 teachers at 10 local schools to partner and create radio projects. In 2015, over 400 students shared stories, poems, documentaries and more in these classroom collaborations.

AZYEP 2015 Annual Report

Check out our 2015 Annual Report and read about the great work AZYEP has been doing.

Listen to AZYEP, Youth Radio On KDNK

Listen to local youth ages 8-19 broadcast on KDNK Carbondale Community Access Radio!

Sunday afternoons 1:30-3:00 p.m.
Monday afternoons 2:30-4:30 p.m.
Thursday nights 7:00-9:00 p.m.
The 3rd Wednesday of each month: Youth News Show, 4:30-5:00 p.m.

For more information, contact Beth Wysong, at 963-0139 or beth at azyep dot org.

Listen to AZYEP's Youth News Programs

Click here to listen to our monthly youth news programs. The third Wednesday of each month from 4:30-5:00 pm, we broadcast a youth public affairs program. Help us spread the word about the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program by rating our podcast. Go to the iTunes store and search for Andy Zanca. Subscribe today!

AZYEP in Action

Youth radio announcers host live microphone breaks and reflect on how AZYEP helps them in life outside of the radio station. Click on the video links below. Each video is two minutes or less - watch them all!

Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program

Andy Zanca and Cody Swidler broadcasting on KDNK in 1986
Andy Zanca and Cody Swidler broadcasting on KDNK in 1986

The Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program (AZYEP) develops leadership, multiculturalism and identity by providing training and opportunity to youth in community broadcasting. AZYEP gives voice to youth ideas, experiences and events.

Over the past 16 years, our program has continued to provide transformational experiences for over 2,000 local youth, providing them with access to media education, broadcast journalism, technical training and production activities. While public schools struggle to provide education in the creative arts, technology, and communication, AZYEP develops communication skills, technical skills, creativity and professionalism. Most importantly, AZYEP develops self-confidence by engaging our youth, ages 8 to 21, in local and global issues, weekly live broadcasts, community interview projects, and relevant journalism.

AZYEP positively impacts young peoples’ sense of self importance, voice, and their vital role in civic society. AZYEP helps young people cultivate the confidence, strength, and voice needed to engage successfully through adolescence and beyond.

Since 2000, AZYEP has provided quality media education and youth broadcasting. Our program strengthens life skills, motivates high school graduation, supports higher education goals and prepares participants for careers in the 21st century.  Your donation will help AZYEP reach many more youth who have something to say, but still need the opportunity, encouragement, and skills to share it.

Your donation helps the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program to...

The Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program is an independent non-profit organization that partners with KDNK to provide listeners with excellent youth radio. All AZYEP services are free to our students, of whom 70 percent are from minority groups. Your donation helps AZYEP continue to empower youth to share their thoughts, perspectives and stories on air and touch the lives of KDNK listeners.

Ways of giving:

-Sponsor AZYEP programs
-Make a donation
-Participate on our Board of Directors

In order to donate or to get involved with the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program, please contact Stacy Stein, Executive Director at 963-0139 or


Weekly Youth Radio Programs

Tune into KDNK to hear our youth radio programs. AZYEP broadcasts in English on Sunday afternoons from 1:30-3:00 and on Monday afternoons from 2:30-4:30.
On Thursday nights, we broadcast from 7-9 (MST).

Classroom Partnerships

AZYEP partners with teachers throughout the Roaring Fork Valley to give students to opportunity to share what they are learning in school with the greater community.

Monthly Youth News Programs

The third Wednesday of each month from 4:30-5:00 p.m., AZYEP broadcasts a youth news show. AZYEP participants decide the topics, who to interview and what questions to ask. Our collection of Youth News Shows is available by clicking here.

Peer Mentor Program

AZYEP offers opportunities for experienced youth announcers to take their skills to the next level by becomming a mentor for new and younger students. AZYEP Peer Mentors work one-on-one with students to teach them how to prepare, host and engineer a professional-sounding radio show.

Summer Camp

AZYEP offers a week-long summer camp for middle school aged students. The camp offers opportunities to explore music, learn how to engineer and host radio programs, interview community members and/or musicians and produce prerecorded public service announcements.

For more information or to get involved in the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment Program, please contact Beth Wysong, Program Director at (970) 963-0139 or beth at azyep dot org.

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