Indigenous Youth Leader Tokata Iron Eyes on DAPL Decision

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the Dakota Access Pipeline shut down and drained of oil by August 5th. On Wednesday, the Nation Magazine hosted a forum of Native American leaders who have been fighting the pipeline for years. In this clip, Indigenous youth leader Tokata Iron Eyes, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, shares her response to the decision.

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Lucas Turner/KDNK

The Weekly News Reel takes a look at the top local and regional news stories aired on KDNK between Monday and Friday. This week’s news includes how some Rifle residents feel unsafe voicing concerns to city officials, Indigenous youth leader Tokata Iron Eyes speaking out about the DAPL victory, a food forest in Basalt, news from the Crystal Theatre, and more.

The Trees Are Leaning In: Full Ecology Part 2

Jul 10, 2020
courtesy photo

Author Gary Ferguson and Dr. Mary Clare were guests on Valley Voices on June 26, 2020 and the show was so popular, they agreed to continue the conversation. Today's show features Ferguson's new book The 8 Master Lessons of Nature and more about  Full Ecology.

Ingrid Magidson is a local artist with a studio on Missouri Heights and a global art career, including museum exhibitions. Her piece of the Flash Card Project is called Meditation/Transformation, and it's apparent from my chat with her that her life and her art both spring from an attitude of gratitude.

Artist Wewer Keohane conceives her art-making process as her individual and indisputable connection to the divine. That connection encompasses several decades of making art, publishing four books, obtaining two doctorates, establishing the Oneirica Art Ranch at her home in Cattle Creek, and serving as the curator of the newest exhibition at Carbondale Arts, the Flash Card Project. Here she talks about that show and how the pandemic has changed her life and her art-making.

Jane knows what she's talking about, Pam says she doesn't often know what she's talking about but she does it anyway. And Luke said nothing. Hah! Another thrilling episode of Whatever.

Sioux Nation Celebrates, Jordan Cove Goes to Court

Jul 9, 2020
Amy Hadden Marsh photo

This week, three major oil and natural gas pipelines shut down in the U.S. and one proposed project on the West Coast went to court. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh has this report.

Raleigh Burleigh/KDNK

Basalt's edible public permaculture food forest is abundant with fruits and vegetables for the taking. KDNK's Raleigh Burleigh shares this audio postcard from a recent planting trip with Sustainable Settings.

Annie Uyehara

July 26th is the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act which ensures civil rights and equal opportunities to those in our communities with disabilities. David Moya, of Glenwood Springs, didn’t know much about ADA until an accident made him a quadriplegic at the age of 24. Moya has a positive outlook on life that, ironically, began after his accident. His story will compel you to think about what personal freedom means for those with disabilities. Read more about Mark here.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against rogue 2016 Electoral College voters in Colorado. The unanimous decision upholds a Colorado law binding electors to cast their ballots for the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote.

Ski resorts in Utah that depend on seasonal foreign workers might have problems finding the labor they need this winter season, due to the recent suspension of certain work visas.



Rifle Residents Challenge 'Pattern of Escalation' by Counter Protestors

Last month, locally organized Black Lives Matter demonstrations cropped up in locations from Aspen to Parachute. Mostly the events occurred without incident. However after some tense moments during a march in Rifle on June 19th, some residents feel they’re being sent a clear message not to speak up in the City of Rifle.

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Public Affairs Shows

Nick Isenberg / The Tactile Traveler

The Tactile Traveler Explores Tips for Blind People in Protests, Riots and Demonstrations

Because of the world wide reaction to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Memorial day, this entire program is guide on what to do if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time and find yourself in the middle of a demonstration or riot that you don’t want to be in. It also provides suggestions if you are in a demonstration by choice. You can find a link to the show's full transcript by clicking the headline.

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