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Enjoy festival season fun, avoid festival season risks

Courtesy of High Rockies Harm Reduction

While Mountain Fair is known for good vibes and even better music, large events are also opportunities for preventing overdoses. KDNK asked High Rockies Harm Reduction Founder Maggie Seldeen why people should be cautious of drugs during Mountain Fair, and how to prevent an overdose this weekend.

" Isolated communities tend to have worse social issues. What's really easy to still get in most communities are opioids, and so not only do sheltered quote unquote or isolated communities like Carbondale have serious drug problems, we have less resources to deal with them. You know, the number one thing that I hear that kinda irks me a little bit is 'We don't do narcotics' but then you know, something like Mountain Fair or Telluride Bluegrass or Country Jam, you know, these are situations where not only are people drinking, people are using recreational drugs, people are having a great time and there's a lot of people, and you know, you never know necessarily what somebody has used.

You can't hurt somebody by giving them Narcan. You can only be prepared to save a life. So for the weekend, I will be in the park. I always have Narcan on me. I always have Narcan and Fentanyl test strips in my car. I do strongly encourage people that if you see me out at the bar or out in the park or anywhere, please come up to me and ask me for Narcan or Fentanyl test strips.

However, if you are looking for Narcan because there is a medical emergency happening and you want it right then, I can help you, but I would much prefer, especially this weekend if you're in the park, we have hundreds of safety officers that come into town for Mountain Fair. All of our EMTs, all of our firefighters, all of our police officers here in town do carry Narcan and know how to use it.

And there is a law that says you cannot get in trouble for seeking help for an overdose. And if you are out this weekend and you see somebody fall down, become unresponsive, look like they're having a seizure, foaming at the mouth. If you have Narcan, give them Narcan. Call 9 1 1 or find your nearest beautiful tie-dyed peace officer this weekend, and just let's all do what we can to keep each other safe."

That was Maggie Seldeen with High Rockies Harm Reduction. HRHR services are currently at the Meeting Place in Carbondale until 6pm (7/27), and more information is at:

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