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Downtown Glenwood gas explosion swiftly dealt with

Fans of the Daily Bread in Glenwood Springs have already been anticipating a closure due to their annual break from today until December 6th, but due to a gas explosion around 5:30 last night they may end up being closed longer. Anyone walking in the area will see one window boarded up, the only aftermath of the blast visible from the outside. Glenwood Springs Fire Department crews arrived quickly to the scene last night, and extinguished an active fire near the source of the gas leak. People in nearby buildings were evacuated, and only one person was brought to the hospital with minor injuries.

Other assisting organizations were Source Gas and Colorado River Fire Rescue.

An investigation into the cause is now underway by the Garfield County Fire Investigation team, and no additional information has been released on the matter.

Hattison Rensberry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Drawing, but has worked for newsrooms in various capacities since 2019.