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One wolf collar has stopped working

A researcher takes measurements of one of Colorado's wolves.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife, via Instagram
A researcher takes measurements of one of Colorado's wolves.

This month’s Collared Wolf Activity Map shows new wolf movement in Grand County, east to the edge of Boulder and Gilpin counties, further south and across I-70 in Eagle County, and west, deep into Rio Blanco county. Wolves also appear to have moved north by northwest to the border of Jackson and Routt counties.

The monthly maps, created from GPS data collected from collars on the wolves, show watersheds where they have traveled during the last 35 days. But, just because a watershed shows wolf activity, it does not mean that the animals are present throughout the entire watershed or that they are currently in the watershed. CPW biologists can only see where the wolves have been - not where they are in real time or where the wolves will go next.

This month, CPW reports that one of the collars is no longer sending signals but that particular animal is traveling with another wolf whose tracker still works. CPW reports that the animal with the faulty collar is alive based on visual confirmation from an airplane. A tracker on another wolf is now partially functional and could stop transmitting in the near future. There have been no wolf mortalities in Colorado and no reported livestock depredation in the last 30 days.

More information and maps are at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Amy Hadden Marsh’s reporting goes back to 1990 and includes magazine, radio, newspaper and online work. She has previously served as reporter and news director for KDNK Community Radio, earning Edward R. Murrow and Colorado Broadcasters Association awards for her work. She also writes for Aspen Journalism and received a Society of Professional Journalists’ Top of the Rockies award in 2023 for a story on the Uinta Basin Railway. Her photography has also won awards. She holds a Masters in Investigative Journalism from Regis University.