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Carbondale Trustees meet to discuss migrant services and updates to Main Street

The Carbondale Board of Trustees met Tuesday, April 9th, to discuss the annexation of 111 Main Street, shelters for migrants, and more.
After public comments, the board discussed updates about the migrants who arrived last winter. There is no longer a shelter and the Methodist Church is closed. Church has closed, while some people are still overnighting in parking lots.

The board is working to help the remaining few find housing. The rec center still offers showers and local nonprofit group. English and Action still offers free English classes. Emergency shelter services ceased last week on April 1st, and the board is discussing creating a coalition with other cities and counties in the valley to provide longer term solutions if and when more migrants arrive in the future.

A series of documents were brought before the board in the pursuit of the proposed Main Street food truck park, most notably ordinance number five, which approves the annexation request, and then the annexation and development agreement, which handles the majority of approved conditions.
The motion passed unanimously so locals can expect a new place to stop and eat along the Rio Grande Trail.

Other agenda items included Parkinson's Awareness Month and recognizing the students of the month.

Lily Jones is a recent graduate of Mississippi State University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a concentration in Broadcasting and Digital Journalism. At WMSV, MSU's college radio station, Jones served as the Public Affairs and Social Media Coordinator. In her spare time Lily likes to go to the gym and watercolor.