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Local Newscast for October 6th

KDNK's Local Newscast airs weekday mornings at 6:41 and 7:41 on Morning Edition.

Basalt Middle School has received a 125 thousand dollar grant from the Colorado Health Foundation for new outdoor playground equipment. Basalt Middle wrote the grant with three possible phases in the hopes of being awarded at least a part of its dream playground. School officials are ecstatic because they were awarded the full amount of the grant request. It sounds like quite a fun playground, incorporating a parkour ropes course, a zipline, and an Orion Space Net, along with traditional tetherball, slides and a swingset. Students were asked for input and 7 classes shared ideas for the proposal. Residents will be able to access it outside of school hours. There will be a meeting at the school on October 14th at 3:30pm to go over the plans. It won’t be installed until next summer.

The director of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Fiona Arnold is visiting Garfield County today at the invitation of the Garfield Clean Energy partnership, the county government, all six municipalities, RFTA and CMC. She is here to see the role played by energy efficiency, local power and alternative fuels in diversifying our regional economy. State Representative Bob Rankin, Republican, who represents us in the legislature will also participate in the tour. This morning they will visit Sunsense Solar in Carbondale, then ride in a van powered by compressed natural gas to Glenwood, before continuing on to New Castle and Silt for visits with energy efficiency businesses. Then they’ll check out alternative fuels projects in Rifle and participate in a roundtable discussion with locals at the Rifle Library starting at 12:15. The public is invited. For more info call CLEER, 970-704-9200. 

The Aspen Center for Physics is celebrating the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics recipients announced this week. All three physicists have strong ties to the Aspen Center for Physics. David Thouless and Duncan Haldane are former Trustees and General Members of the Board. They served actively between the early 80’s until 2000, and were frequent visitors to the Center, dating back to the 1970’s. The third recipient, John Michael Kosterlitz, was also a frequent participant in Aspen back in the day. For more information about the Aspen Center for Physics, more info at aspenphys.org.

Tobacco giant Phillip Morris has spent ten million dollars so far in Colorado this election cycle. Big Tobacco wants to convince voters to oppose Amendment 72, a tax increase on tobacco products to fund new public health efforts. Children’s Hospital Colorado and the American Heart Association are among the groups spending money in favor of Amendment 72, but the no side has at least 5 times as much money.

The Cleveholm Manor, better known as the Redstone Castle, goes up for auction Friday, October 7th. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh took a trip back in time this week on what may have been one of the last public tours of the mansion.

If Initiative 71 passes in November, Colorado ballots could be a lot shorter in future elections. Eric Galatas reports.

On October 9th, Ben Carlsen from Carbondale will join 25 other runners from around the world as one of the 2016 Global Heroes. They will pound the pavement on the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota to compete in the Twin Cities Marathon. He is one of 26 athletes who represent their country and medical condition. At age 36, Ben was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer with the aid of a lung navigation and biopsy system. This system helped detect and diagnose the cancer quickly so that he could receive the right treatment and return to a normal life. As an active runner for more than 15 years, running brings clarity to Ben’s life, and a sense of calm that replaces the constant worry of a stage IV lung cancer diagnosis. Now 38, Ben is a passionate runner and advocate of dispelling the myth that lung cancer only affects smokers. He was diagnosed as a fit, non-smoking individual and could not understand howh e was one to get lung cancer. Ben serves as a usurper to this myth by continuing to lead a healthy, active life in the face of medical adversity, and by speaking out about his experiences. We’re rooting for him.

During the month of October, Aspen renters and homeowners can save up to $2,000 by taking advantage of cash rebates for winterizing their homes through Aspen Energy Challenge’s Air Sealing and Insulation promotion. Once the work is completed, residents can look forward to hundreds of dollars in utility bill savings. The average home has enough cracks and leaks to equal leaving a window open for an entire day. Air that leaks through your home's envelope — the outer walls, windows, doors, and other openings — wastes energy, increases utility costs, and makes for a drafty home. By sealing air leaks and insulating, you’ll get the most comfort out of each dollar you spend on heating your home. This promotion is available to Aspen residents during the month of October. Learn how to participate by visiting AspenEnergyChallenge.com.

For income-qualified households in the Roaring Fork Valley earning 80% of the Average Median Income or less, the CARE program offers energy efficiency upgrades to your home at no cost to the renter or homeowner. Apply to see if you qualify for new storm windows, appliances, LED bulbs, furnace tune-ups and more. Find out more more at EnergyOutreach.org or if you live in Garfield County call CLEER at 704-9200. In Pitkin or Eagle County call CORE at 925-9775.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario says that Colorado law does not require physical contact as a minimum standard to make a mandatory arrest. Domestic violence means an act or threatened act of violence upon a person with whom the suspect has been involved in an intimate relationship. DV also includes any other crime used as a method of coercion, control, punishment, intimidation or revenge. More info at GarcoSheriff.com.