Chuck Curry


Chuck spent 19 years in Chicago before giving himself a birthday gift in 1985--moving to Aspen, where he’s been ever since. His varied career includes advertising with J. Walter Thompson, print and video writing and production, human resources development consulting and training, commercial and fine-art photography, and property management. But since the 70s, Chuck has also been seeking and finding music that’s different-- what some would call odd, irreverent, funny, or just plain weird. In short, his musical tastes veered away from the mainstream and toward alternatives to the usual fare in pop music. This was before alternative had become the label for that catch-all music-industry genre. Chuck began volunteering as a DJ on Aspen Public Radio in 1998 as a substitute on rock music programs such as Aspen After Dark with Marilyn Gleason. He now hosts NightTrax, the alternative music program he developed there and has continued on KDNK Community Radio since 2013.