Commodore Duncan


Commodore Duncan was born as a young boy on the Mothership, which looked a lot like a canoe going down the Connecticut River. When he was old enough, Jacque Bones (aka Star Child) and Big Mama (aka Dr. Funkenstein) sent the Commodore to Earth armed with the Bop Gun to splank the funkless and oppose the unfunky forces of Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk. Thus was born KaDuNKafunk, a semi-weekly blast of Funkentelechy that has been doin' it to KDNK listeners in their earholes ever since. When he's not on the air, Commodore Duncan roams the world hunting down grooves. The funk can run, but it can't hide. If it gets feet tappin', heads noddin' and booties shakin', the Commodore gon' get it. 

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