Kenna Crampton

Membership Director, Volunteer & Events Coordinator & DJ

Kenna has been a DJ on KDNK for 9 years. She grew up at KDNK as her mom Flash has been a DJ since 1983. She is happy to transition into Membership Director while keeping her show "Flyin' the Coop" alternating with her mom, Fridays 10-12 and her new Public Affairs show Chemical World, every second Monday of the month 4:30pm. Kenna is adding Volunteer and Events Coordinator to her title, and looks forward to continuing her relationship with the community she grew up in!

Chemical World Revisits Harm Reduction

Jun 14, 2021
Lyzzi Borkenhagen

Hosts revist harm reduction, and why it is important. Why syringe services are controversial, and how they are actually saving more lives than we realize.

This is part of a conversation between Ruth Cato and Eddis Fender recorded on Memorial Day Weekend 1987. Thank you to the Carbondale Historical Society for helping make these conversations available. You can find the complete audio archive and transcriptions by clicking here.

courtesy photo

This is a conversation between Mary Ferguson and longtime Carbondale resident Rusty Burtard. Thank you to the Carbondale Historical Society for helping make these conversations available. You can find the complete audio archive and transcriptions by clicking here.


Chemical World: Addiction in its Many Forms

May 10, 2021
Lyzzi Borkenhagan

Hosts discuss addiction in its many forms. Host Kenna Crampton shares a poem she recently wrote, and we want to hear from you! Do you have a piece of writing about addiction you want to share? Click here for more information about submission.

Chemical World Celebrates Bicycle Day

Apr 12, 2021
Lyzzi Borkenhagan

To celebrate Bicycle Day, Chemical World discusses all things psychedelic! Hosts talk about the history of psychedelics in therapy and how MAPS is changing the future for psychedelics.

Lyzzi Borkenhagan

In this episode of Chemical World, hosts discuss how harm reduction intersects with many other social issues including Sex ED. Host Maggie Seldeen had a conversation with former Program Manager of Garfield County PREP, Diana Andrews and current Program Manager, Arn Menconi about sexual health education in our schools. Chemical World will feature part of this conversation on this episode, and the full conversation will be available here on the KDNK website. For more information about Garfield County PREP click here.

Chemical World: Working to Undo Stigma

Nov 9, 2020
Lyzzi Borkenhagan

In this episode of Chemical World, hosts discuss the shame and stigma around mental health and recovery, and the effects on people seeking help. Hosts dive into the shame and stigma they have felt from others and themselves, in recovery and before recovery. 

Lyzzi Borkenhagan

This month on Chemical World, hosts interview Cath Adams and Patty Grace about their work with people in recovery here in The Roaring Fork Valley, the purple flags throughout RFV in honor of loved ones lost to overdose from 2017-2019 and their stories that lead them to this important work. Thank you to Cath Adams and Patty Grace for sharing their powerful stories and for doing this difficult work. 

Chemical World: How to Identify an Overdose

Aug 31, 2020
Lyzzi Borkenhagan

In honor of International Overdose Awareness Day, Chemical World hosts describe how to identify an overdose. To learn more about overdose awareness you can visit Garfield County Libraries Facebook or YouTube page to see a full presentation done by Maggie Seldeen from August 17th.

Chemical World: The Science of Addiction

Aug 24, 2020
Lyzzi Borkenhagan

  In honor of Overdose Awareness Month Chemical World wanted to celebrate by giving the community two extra episodes! On this extra episode of Chemical World hosts discuss the science of addiction, how drugs and our bodies affect each other. Stay tuned for another extra episode on August 31st, How to Identify an Overdose. Have a safe Overdose Awareness Month everyone!

Lyzzi Borkenhagan

In this episode of Chemical World hosts give an introdution to "harm reduction," what it is and how it helps the community. 

Lyzzi Borkenhagan

In this fact-heavy episode of Chemical World, hosts give a background of drugs and how they have been used for political gain and to start wars. Hosts also draw lines connecting drug laws to continued systemic racism and injustice in the United States and around the world.