Luke Nestler

DJ & Public Affairs Host

A 38-year resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, a DJ since 1989, on KDNK staff since 2004.

Holly Richardson is a teacher at the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork who has a passion not only for teaching the children, but also for supporting the motherS. KDNK’s Luke Nestler spoke with Holly about her efforts to nourish mother and child.

The Tierro Band with Bridget Law performed three songs live before their gig at the Temporary: Morocco, I Do and Isla. They also talked a little about their new record which will drop this Summer and this year's version of the Arise Festival. 

Mike Shook and John Armstrong of the Mt. Sopris Nordic Council are joined by Amber Pougiales and Molly Fales of the Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust talk about Pint Night and Ski for Sisu, two events this weekend that will benefit the Spring Gulch Nordic Ski Area outside of Carbondale.

Artist Larry Day

Feb 1, 2019

Larry Day has two thriving artistic careers: storyboarding for corporations as varied as Disney and All State Insurance, and illustrating children's books. He also has a watercolor piece in the current Valley Visual Art Show. Here he talks about that piece and his art practices and how he learned to create connections with audiences as varied as corporate executives and children reading picture books.

The Way Down Wanderers visited Express Yourself before their gig at Steve's Guitars. After five years of recording and touring, festival appearances at Merlefest and Summer Camp, official showcases at Folk Alliance, Americana Fest and the International Bluegrass Music Association, and two previous recordings, The Way DownWanderers find themselves in Carbondale tonight at Steve's Guitars with a brand new CD ready to drop in mid-February. They played Principles of Salt, Crooked Pines, All My Words and Frozen Through.

Besides being a pur darn good mandolinist, Sam Bush tells a good story. Here he describes New Grass Revival's last gig opening for the Grateful Dead and the state of Del McCoury's hair in the morning. He also  talks about a new song that he and his Sam Bush Band are playing on their current tour, which comes to the Ute Theatre tonight.

Alexandra and Anthony Jerkunica, of Bonedale Ballet, along with three young ballerinas from their troupe, Valentina Baez, Camille Moore and Adelaide Moore, join Express Yourself to talk about their new production of The Nutcracker at the Waldorf School.

Artists Deva Shantay and Alice Bedard-Voorhees join Express Yourself host Megan Tackett right before the opening of this year's Valley Visual Arts show to talk about their pieces in the show and their creative process.

Ben Timpson visits Express Yourself for the second time. His curiosity and commitment to his very laborious artistic process remain undimmed. Here he talks with KDNK's Luke Nestler about the piece he has in this year's Valley Visual Art Show. And he explains his newest projects, one of which revolves around abused, raped and murdered Native American women both on and off the reservation, and how they are forgotten not only by the nation, but also by their community. Ben calls the series Metamorphosis, and the descriptor works on many levels.

Artist Ali O'Neal appeared on Express Yourself to talk about her art and her new show at CMC Morgridge Commons in Glenwood Springs on Friday, January 11 from 6-8pm. The show is a collaboration between CMC and the Carbondale Creative District.

Bronco Babble Week 18

Jan 2, 2019

The last Bronco Babble of the year. VJ, unrestricted Bronco free agents and possible Super Bowl matchups. Thanks for listening to Bronco Babble shenanigans this year. Catch us again at the end of August.

Let Them Roar

Jan 2, 2019

The ladies of Let Them Roar, Olivia Pevec and Sophia Clark, dropped in to Express Yourself to talk about a new song, their current configuration as an acoustic quartet and their sold out New Year's Eve gig at Steve's Guitars.

KDNK's Music Director, Luke Nestler, spins two shows on KDNK, Roots Branches and Buds and Beyond Beyond. Between the two shows, most of the genres are covered. 2018 was a rich year in music. Click on the two links above to find the lists. Find the latest Roots Branches & Buds Best of 2018 show here for another week. The latest Beyond Beyond Best of 2018 show is here for two weeks.

Bronco Babble Week 15

Dec 12, 2018

The Babblers are losing faith. Even worse, they're losing hope. But only one of them predicted a Browns victory at Mile High on Saturday.

Bronco Babble Week 14

Dec 7, 2018

The ladies are putting the men to shame as far as score predictions on Bronco Babble this year goes. Sarah, Jane and Lisa have each won twice while Luke's won once and Briscoe hasn't yet correctly predicted one game. Leave it to KDNK to show the world that the ladies can excel at manly pursuits like Bronco Babble.

Bronco Babble Week 13

Nov 30, 2018

The Janerator had to phone this one in due to kidney stones. We hope she passes those just like Case Keenum. Everyone had fun talking about the victory against the Steelers, though. We all loved Shelby Harris' grin--it was bigger than Mile High Stadium. Not only was he a proud new papa, but he was an unlikely hero. It's not often that a defensive tackle makes an interception, especially at the most crucial time. And he said after the game that he was actually in the wrong spot when he intercepted that ball. Like Briscoe said: "Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good."

Bronco Babble Week 12

Nov 26, 2018

The Bronco Babblers are happy. Lukester and the Janerator's cups runneth over with glee at the Donkeys victory over the Chargers. Feels good to stuff a blue and orange sock in Philip Rivers' mouth! Now we have to make Big Ben take that Terrible Towel and stuff it where the Sun don't shine. Only two people predicted a Steelers victory. We'll see. 

Bronco Babble Week 11

Nov 15, 2018

The consensus was it was a good weekend for the Broncos. No one was arrested, no one was injured, there were no penalties, there was no loss. Unfortunately, there was also no game. So this was the first Bronco Babble after the bye week. The Ode-ist weighed in with an Ode to the Bye. And we had three predictions for a Chargers victory next weekend and two for the Broncs. We'll see.

Robby Romero In-Studio

Nov 15, 2018
Robbie Romero and Dennis Banks

Apache activist and musician Robby Romero shared his new single Born on the Rez on KDNK's Beyond Beyond. Produced by Don Was and including Jim Keltner and Kris Kristofferson, among others, the song features a swelling gospel chorus, some blues harmonica, and drums that sounded from the center of the Earth. He also shared some inspiring words about the continuing power and relevance of the Standing Rock protest. It was a wide-ranging conversation with KDNK's Luke Nestler that also featured a couple of original live songs.

Bronco Babble Week 10

Nov 9, 2018

We went from the sublime to the ridiculous in one swell foop to begin the Week 10 Bronco Babble. We were treated to Briscoe's List With a Twist, which has some real potential for future shows. Briscoe, Luke and the Janerator all decided that the Broncos would be doing well to win the Bye Week. In other words, no injuries or penalties or arrests will confound the Broncos this week. Briscoe and Jane will watch other games and Luke is gonna take a nap this week.

Bronco Babble Week 9

Nov 1, 2018

I told Jane at the top of this Halloween show that she could dress up as Demaryius Thomas and come back to haunt the Broncos. We hope that isn't prophetic. We were also visited by Colonel Sanders and some poor bulldog with an empty and upside down Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head. Jane weighed in with part of an Ode to DT and Sarah, the resident Ode-ist, shared her best ode yet, titled Ode to Yellow, about all the yellow flags that fell last week on the Broncos side of the ball. I'm not sure if Bronco Babble is big enough for two Ode-ists. I guess we'll find out. It was also good to have Briscoe back from Africa with some educated football insight. Go Broncos!

Bronco Babble Week 8

Oct 25, 2018

The things you learn on Bronco Babble. How about this tidbit: goats love to eat pumpkins. Luke, Jake and the Janerator decided that Chad Kelly wasn't a goat, he was a knucklehead who will never live his little bit of Halloween infamy down. Luke thought we should replace Chad with Peyton Manning. The Ode-ist weighed in with some poetry and we also played a snippet of the Dodgers Song by Danny Kaye for Jane since the boys in blue were playing in the World Series. Everyone celebrated the Broncos victory against the Cardinals, but two babble-ists are predicting a Chiefs victory this Sunday. We'll see. 

Bronco Babble Week 7

Oct 18, 2018

This Bronco Babble is a reunion show of sorts as Jake sits in while Briscoe is away in Africa. Jake was an original Babbler, along with Luke and the Janerator. Good to have Jake back for a couple weeks. The consensus was the Broncos suck a little less after the Rams game, and VJ's tush is getting pretty red. The Cardinals game is a must-win contest and the Broncos have to step up or pretty soon we'll have to watch the Nuggets.

Bronco Babble Week 6

Oct 12, 2018

It's just Lukester and the Janerator as Briscoe takes off for Africa and things descend quickly into the toilet, which was appropriate for talking about the Jets game cuz the Donkeys laid a big turd. The best, and redeeming, part of the show was Little Willie called in after a long absence from KDNK. Only he's not Little Willie anymore, he's Big Willie. We were tempted to ask him how he became Big Willie, but Bronco Babble is a family show.

Bronco Babble Week 5

Oct 10, 2018

Jane decided the only way to beat the Chiefs next time is to kick Patrick Cojones Mahomes in the balls. Briscoe and Luke are both starting to lose faith in VJ and everybody decided Boston fans were a little overbearing most of the time.

Gavin Dahl

KDNK’s Luke Nestler and Cody Lee talked on Roots, Branches, and Buds this week about some of their recent musical discoveries and the major CD and vinyl donations received this year. They and several volunteer DJs are in the midst of a major project in the KDNK music library, as they get ready for Potato Day and the KDNK Record Hop, on Saturday, October 6th from 9am to 3pm.

Luke and the Janerator welcome the new Babble-ist David Briscoe to the airwaves. The guy knows his football, and gives Bronco Babble some credibility. On this edition, the three revel in a butt-ugly win by the Broncos over the Raiders. We also heard the new poem from the Ode-ist. Everyone thinks the Broncos will beat the Ravens in Baltimore. We'll see.

World's Finest, dancefloor instigators from Portland, Oregon, visited Roots Branches & Buds before their BellyUp gig, their third visit to KDNK. They played two songs live in the studio, Demons and Song Through June, and we played two from their new CD Chromatophores, 5 Cent Doug, a rub-a-dub dinger and Chent, displaying their funk proficiency. 

Bronco Babble

Sep 14, 2018

Week Two of the NFL Season finds Bronco Babble just hitting its stride. Kinda like Philip Lindsay. We hear for the first tme from David who will join the show as the mature commentator, the one who does his homework. The Janerator is in fine form here, and Luke is just trying to hold it all together. This show marks the debut of The Ode-ist. Though this sounds vaguely naughty, it's really the Girl Next Door Who's Smarter Than You who has to take a hiatus from the show. But she promised she would call in every week with a new ode. So fly that freak flag and join the Raider Haters right here on KDNK's Bronco Babble--proudly and completely inconsequential.

After nearly 20 years as a fine furniture maker in the Roaring Fork Valley, Brad Reed Nelson stretches into new territory with an exhibit at the ArtBase in Basalt that features site-specific installations rather than his furniture. KDNK’s Luke Nestler spoke to Brad about his furniture and his show at the ArtBase, which opens with a reception next Friday, September 14 at the Charles Wyly Gallery at 5pm.