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Congratulations to Immigrant Stories for the Colorado Broadcasters Association Award for best Public Affairs show featuring Glenwood Springs High School Principal Paul Freeman.

S.S. Kitty

Public Affairs Host

Kat lives in Western Colorado with her family and enjoys music and all things outdoors. She has been an Occupational Therapist since 2009 and started a private practice in 2016. Kat has a clinical and research background, so she brings the rigor of Western medicine into the realm of alternative healing. Kat has been dedicated to her own healing journey since 2008 and is ready to share her personal wisdom and experience. Current Ritual is part of a mission to unite ancient wisdom and modern science, improve quality of life for all, and break down socio-economic barriers to holistic health education. Kat is a lifelong learner and strives to grow with this community. Capture the healing power of ritual through your daily habits, roles and routines. Enjoy!

  • On this episode of Current Ritual, Kat interviews Annie Worley, one of the founders of Carbondale's Environmental Board.
  • On this episode of Current Ritual, Kat interviews Davis Cowles, the founder of Moon & Back Coaching.
  • In this episode Kat interviews Jim Harris about his experience using psychedelic mushrooms to recover from a spinal cord injury. The conversation weaves through personal experiences and opinions around harm reduction. Kat and Jim discuss the future of spinal cord and other rehabilitation for physical disabilities, which has been mostly left out of the current research into psychedelic medicine.
  • Kat interviews Harper Kaufman of Two Roots Farm to discuss the ups and downs of being a farmer in the Roaring Fork Valley. Learn about winter farming methods, the Two Roots CSA and Harper’s passion of connecting community with their farmers and food. Listen in and let’s grow together!
  • On this episode of Current Ritual, host SS Kitty interviews Hamilton of Hamilton’s Mushrooms. They discuss filmmaking, proposition 122, and the emerging Mycological society of Colorado.
  • This episode of Current Ritual is focused on the art and power of storytelling. Kat interviews local artist, healer and teacher, Alya Howe on her current project, “Field of Dreams” which is being presented at the Snowmass Collective. You don’t want to miss this conversation, where we can all take a moment to reflect on the stories we keep and what influence they are having on our human experience. The next performance is September 25 and free to all. RSVP to info@thecollectivesnowmass.comEnjoy!
  • This episode is a start to understanding the loss of community in the modern world. We discuss the effect on our ability to grieve and praise phases of life. This episode is a call for all of us to witness the world as it is and hopefully still feel joy despite knowing the facts. Enjoy a heart opening conversation between SS Kitty and Adrián Victór.
  • Host S.S. Kitty speaks with speaks with Ascendigo's Dan Richardson and Juile Kaufman on how to provide safe community participation for their clients.
  • Kat interviews Madison Cheshire, a local Midwife, Mentor, Artist, and Bodyworker. Madison the creator of Birth-Pathways and Wildflower Visionary; two projects focused on reclaiming wholeness, freedom, and sovereignty in pregnancy, birth and beyond. In this episode Kat and Madison discuss being an informed consumer of healthcare, how to foster body sovereignty, the importance of community around birth and connecting with the rhythms of the body and life.
  • Kat interviews Matthew McCabe from Ascendigo to discuss the mission, goals and services that they provide for people on the autistic spectrum. They also discuss Neurodiversity and changing terminology. Take a listen to learn how to support Ascendigo as well as people with autism in our community.