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Geekspeak | Chat GPT, KDNK Geekspeak History & iPhones

Modern Marty joins this episode of Geekspeak along with Matt McBrayer and Louie Girardot. They discuss chat GPT, the history of Geekspeak on KDNK and take a listener call about iPhones.

Louie Girardot has been working as an IT professional since 1996 and has weathered a dizzying array of technological innovations since that time. Louie has previously never had a job that lasted this long - which he credits to the incredibly diverse range of industries that he gets to service - there is just never a dull moment. Some of his most interesting projects include a video system that captures video from inside underground sewer lines and a system that integrated two offices - one in New York City and one in Carbondale to function as if under the same roof.
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