Amy Kimberly: "Keep This Station Thriving"

Sep 8, 2016

Amy Kimberly from Carbondale Arts was our guest on this morning's Nonprofit Spotlight. She says: "We feel these airwaves are important, they connect us, they get information out there that's important, they allow creativity and freedom. There are so many kids that have grown up here on KDNK who are absolutely some of my most favorite adults.  They are the ones that are holding the spirit of the community for the future. I really think that KDNK is a huge part of that. We hope people keep this station thriving." 

The Launchpad has an opening reception Friday night from 6 to 8PM called Vantage Points featuring paintings by Patricia Ringer and mixed media sculpture by Laura G. Thorne, a founding member of the original Aspen Art Museum. Amy also discussed the new Creative District website, Space to Create grants, a new mobile maker space in the works called Rosybelle, opportunities to do more in collaboration with public schools, the Rio Grande ArtWay and plans for a Latino Folk Art garden along the trail at 8th. 

Credit Sculpture by Laura G Thorne