Aspen Residents Warned to Be Vigilant After Bear Attack

May 27, 2019

Colorado wildlife officials say the bear attacked a woman on the Hunter Creek Trail near Lone Pine Road Monday morning and was still at large. 

Colorado wildlife officials warn the public to call 911 if they a bear near populated areas. This is not the bear that attacked a woman near Aspen on Memorial Day.
Credit Courtesy Colorado Parks & Wildlife

According to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, the bite wound wasn't serious. The unidentified woman was treated at Aspen Valley Hospital.

 The bear is light-brown colored and weighs between 200 and 300 pounds. CPW officials say it could enter city limits before it's located. Until it's found, the section of the Hunter Creek Trail up to the Lani White Trail is closed. In a press release, CPW stated that its their policy to put down any aggressive bear once it's located.

What to do if you come into contact with a bear:

  • Stand your ground and talk firmly, but don't run.
  • If it continues to approach, yell, wave your arms, and throw rocks and sticks.
  • If it attacks, fight back as aggressively as possible.