CMC Considers Changes at Glenwood Center, Invites Feedback

Sep 8, 2020

In response to questions surrounding the future of Colorado Mountain College's Glenwood Center, CMC published a statement on August 28. Vice President and Campus Dean of CMC Spring Valley Heather Exby spoke with KDNK late last week.


CMC's Glenwood Center, a passive-solar facility, opened in 1981 with a large grant from the US Department of Energy.
Credit Colorado Mountain College

CMC's Glenwood Center is a passive-solar facility opened in 1981 with a large grant from the US Department of Energy. In response to community concern regarding the future of CMC's Glenwood Center on Blake Avenue, Heather Exby, Vice President and Campus Dean of CMC Spring Valley, affirms that the building is not at this time being sold or closed.

A recent statement admits that discussions are underway surrounding the best use of all of the college's facilities, counting five in Garfield County including the Central Services Building in combination with Morgridge Commons, both located in Glenwood Springs.


CMC's Facilities Master Plan, published in April 2020, suggests that spaces including the Glenwood Center are often underutilized. These observations became compounded by complications caused by COVID-19.

With both US Bank and the Glenwood Springs Chamber and Resort Association recently vacating offices owned by CMC in Glenwood Springs, the college recognizes an opportunity to reevaluate each building's use. Already, according to its statement, CMC is in conversation with Yampah Mountain High School concerning the possibility of leasing space in the Glenwood Center.

The Glenwood Center currently houses several other organizations, including the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Senior Lunches, and a Mini College for preschoolers. Exby insists that CMC wishes to maintain the presence of those entities downtown.

Regarding recent backlash to the prospect of changes to the Glenwood Center, Exby takes it as a sign of strong community support for CMC's services.


As a working group assesses data, CMC welcomes community input to the email address:


Meanwhile, the outcome of a ballot measure to repeal Colorado's Gallagher Amendment will directly impact CMC's future financial situation and subsequent decisions.