Colorado Lawmakers Reject Six Anti-LGBTQ Bills

Feb 18, 2020

After 13 hours of testimony, state lawmakers have rejected six bills from Republicans that were heavily criticized by members of the LGBTQ community. KDNK's Scott Franz has more.

Credit Jesse Varner

One of the bills would have stopped same-sex couples from adopting children. Another sought to end gay marriage. None of the proposals were expected to pass in a legislature controlled by Democrats, who labeled them a QUOTE slate of hate. But their introduction sparked protest from several LGBTQ advocates and lawmakers, including Brianna Titone, Colorado’s first transgender legislator.

TITONE: When bills like this are introduced it instills fear and anxiety in the LGBTQ youth, and they need to know there are people here who will defend them….
Some Republican lawmakers defended the bills, saying they were trying to protect traditional values. They also disagreed with critics who called the bills discriminatory.