Colorado River Reporter Luke Runyon Looks Back on Past Stories, Previews What's Next in Water

Jan 5, 2019

Reporter Luke Runyon covers the Colorado River - from its headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park, to its path past the towering walls of Glenwood Canyon, to the Grand Canyon, and to the Colorado River Delta in Mexico. Last year, he covered a lot of water policy meetings, read a lot of data, and even met a "water sheriff." KDNK's Mark Duggan spoke with Runyon recently about some of the more memorable stories he covered in 2018 and what's on his radar for 2019. Among the first issues he'll explore is renewed attempts at cloud seeding to create more reliable rain and snow.

Reporter Luke Runyon is based at KUNC/Greeley, but reports on the entire Colorado River watershed.
Credit Jim Hill/KUNC