Face Coverings Now Mandatory in Glenwood Springs

Apr 7, 2020

As of Tuesday Morning, facial coverings are mandatory in incorporated Glenwood Springs. KDNK’s Amy Hadden Marsh has more.

Credit City of Glenwood Springs

Press Release from Glenwood Springs on April 7th, 2020:

All Glenwood Springs residents, are required to wear face coverings for all essential activities outside their home effective 6:00AM April 7, 2020 until April 26, 2020.

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO – Citing recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Glenwood Springs City Manager Debra Figueroa issued an order for all Glenwood Springs residents and retail workers, to wear face coverings for all essential activities outside their home effective April 7, 2020 until April 26, 2020. Read the full Order HERE.

City Council voted 6-1 in favor of enacting an order requiring face coverings for all residents when entering and while inside of a place open to the public, and in such other public indoor or outdoor places where persons are unable to maintain safe social distancing (six or more feet separation) from others not of their own household. The CDC says that up to 25% of people infected with COVID-19 may be asymptomatic. The face covering is aimed at lowering the risk of the disease spreading through someone who may be sick but not realize it.

Face coverings can be bandanas, scarves, neck gaiters or other clothing that does not have visible holes. The order encourages the public to use non-medical face coverings. Medical face masks are a limited resource and are needed for the Health Care community and First Responders. People should wash their masks after every trip out of their homes either in a washing machine or with hot water in their sinks.

“This is a small protective measure that is intended to protect your fellow citizens, not the wearer. We cannot wait for the spike in infections and then try to act, it will be too late. Eagle and Pitkin counties have taken bold moves in the face of this virus, and we need to do the same,” said Mayor Jonathan Godes

City Council also moved to hold weekly City Council meetings on Thursdays at 6:15PM, until further notice to address urgent matters related to COVID-19.