Garfield County Party Chairs on Fracking, Health Care

Sep 14, 2016

KDNK News Director Gavin Dahl sat down with the Republican and Democratic party chairs for Garfield County on Tuesday. Gavin asked them, "Are you okay with a fracking site a few thousand feet from your house?" Republican Dave Merritt answered first. "I would have to be," he said. Democrat Bob Shivley followed. "No, not in my backyard." Listen to the entire discussion here.

Bob Shivley and Dave Merritt

Republican Dave Merritt is an engineer who’s focused on water issues, based in Glenwood Springs. He has worked in the private sector, and for the Bureau of Reclamation, the Army Corps of Engineers and the River District. He also served on the Glenwood Springs City Council. Democrat Bob Shivley lives in Silt and drives for RFTA. He worked in the private sector before becoming a librarian and then working for the school district as a librarian and media specialist. Fun fact about Dave Merritt, his oldest son hosted a late night music show on KDNK after graduating from high school. Meanwhile, Bob Shivley once hosted his own show on KDNK.