Gov. Polis Announces Eagle County Will Be First in the State to Reopen

Apr 20, 2020


Governor Jared Polis addressed the state this afternoon to provide critical updates on the stay-at-home order. He started with some good news, announcing that Eagle County will be the first in the state to “reopen.”


Polis says new cases of COVID-19 are ‘leveling off’ in the state and that the stay at home order will end on April 27th as planned. But operations won't quite go back to normal just yet. Some examples of the new guidelines include:

  • Bars, restaurants, and events will still be shut down.
  • Non-critical offices will be allowed to reopen at 50 percent capacity.
  • Certain elective surgeries will also be able to resume.
  • Retail will be allowed to open for curbside pickup on April 27th, with an official opening on May 1st.

Colorado's Governor Jared Polis says the state will take a more targeted approach to containment, allowing counties to take their own stay-at-home actions if deemed necessary to control an outbreak.

Polis also notes that social distancing is now more important than ever. He also says everyone should be wearing masks, businesses should allow telecommuting, and people should still stay at home unless absolutely necessary, especially those at higher risk.

You can watch the full press conference here: