Governor Polis Meeting with President Trump Wednesday

May 12, 2020

Governor Jared Polis says he will seek more federal aid for Colorado when he meets with President Trump at the White House Wednesday. KDNK's Scott Franz has more.

Polis has been critical of the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus crisis, saying they have been slow to send testing and health supplies. During the hourlong meeting, Polis says he wants the president to hear about the struggles Coloradans are facing from the pandemic.

POLIS: “The fear. The anxiety. The health conditions. The economic challenges the people in the country face. I hope to help bring those to him….”

Earlier this week, Polis and the governors from four other Western states sent congress a letter seeking one trillion dollars in federal aid to help deal with the economic fallout from the virus. Colorado, lawmakers are preparing to cut three point three billion dollars from next year’s spending plan.