Jared Polis: Colorado Ready for Coronavirus If It Arrives Here

Feb 28, 2020

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, Governor Jared Polis says Colorado will be prepared for it if it gets here. KDNK's Capitol Coverage reporter Scott Franz has more.

Credit NIAID

Polis says he is working on a response plan, and acting quickly will be critical. He stressed there are still no known cases of COVID 19 in Colorado. But he says residents should still be taking the same precautions they do for the flu.

POLIS: Stay home from work if you’re ill. And regularly wash your hands and make sure you engage in best hygiene practices.”

Polis says he is staying in touch with the Trump administration to keep tabs on the threat of the virus. He also says the first drill he did as governor was to prepare for a possible contagion like coronavirus.