KDNK Welcomes Carbondale Creative District to Host Express Yourself

Feb 26, 2021

Express Yourself checks in with Amanda Watkins and Symphony in the Valley about upcoming world premieres. Host Amy Kimberly talks with Lara Whitley of CORE about Imagine Climate 2021. And hear Part One of DJ Mamabird's interview with Denver Drag Queen Mirage.

Drag Queen Mirage
Credit courtesy photo

Carbondale Creative District has recently adopted KDNK's Express Yourself, reporting as usual on all the latest artistic happenings. The team of hosts is led by Amy Kimberly and includes Brian Colley, Aly Sanguilly, Kat Rich, Staci Dickerson, and KDNK staff. The show is focused on Roaring Fork events but travels beyond the valley to seek out interesting creatives and communities doing good work in the 21st century. Hear Express Yourself at 4:00 on Friday afternoons.