Let's Talk Explores Regenerative Agriculture with the Founders of Three Forks Academy

Jul 17, 2020

Host Jill Rubin speaks with Michael Thompson and Stephanie Meltzer, co-founders of 3 Forks Academy. This episode covers topics like regenerative agriculture techniques, bee keeping, seed saving and more throughout the Roaring Fork, North Fork, and lower Colorado River Valleys.

Credit Three Forks Academy

The Three Forks Academy is a collaborative educational project among the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute, The Farm Collaborative and Fat City Farmers.

Host of Let’s Talk Jill Rubin, chatted with the co-founders of 3 Forks Academy to talk about the vision, plans and current status of the school today. Their mission to educate and inspire people primarily college students to the permaculture and sustainability of farming and what that looks like for the future is truly inspiring as we collectively change our daily lives.  

Educating the public on some of the programs available about farming especially during these times in our world has never been more beneficial on a grand scale. 

3 Forks Academy is a collaborative organization which in addition to their education programs, they give tours and produce videos’. It represents our community here in the RFV as well as what it means to be living in the “What’s Next” chapter of our lives.

All the info can be found at /www.threeforksacademy.org

Jill Rubin is a talk show and television docu-series producer who comes from Los Angeles, California.  She brings talent, compassion and empathy to telling stories about the people in our community. Her love for storytelling is the inspiration behind her work.