Local Newscast for October 7th

Oct 7, 2016

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Ursa Resources will not pursue permits for a proposed natural gas well pad in Parachute.  According to the Post Independent, in a letter to Garfield School District 16 and county commissioners Wednesday, Ursa stated that the proposal did not meet the "absolute best" criteria. The company's concerns are more about impacts such as truck traffic than safety and health, despite the pad's 700-foot proximity to Grand Valley High School.  The company will continue to evaluate alternatives for drilling from the pad, but for now, all plans are on hold.

The Eighth Street Bridge in Glenwood Springs will be closed to vehicle traffic from this Saturday, October 8th to Tuesday, October 18th. This bridge connects downtown to Midland Avenue. The closure will have a significant impact on daily traffic to and from downtown as well as school traffic.  In the morning, students will be transferred from bus to bus at Glenwood Springs High School. For busloads of middle school students who live in South Glenwood, Sopris Elementary will be the transfer station in the afternoons.

Denver-based Associated Press reporter Sadie Gurman published a major national investigation into police database abuse last week, along with AP’s justice department reporter Eric Tucker. Officers across the country have been routinely misusing confidential databases to get information having nothing at all to do with daily police work, on romantic partners, business associates, neighbors, and journalists.

Colorado ranks 48th in the nation for spending on behavioral health, but that could change with the November election. Eric Galatas explains.