Polis Urges Trump to Extend Federal Funding for PPE in Colorado Nursing Homes

May 13, 2020

Governor Jared Polis met with President Trump on Wednesday at the White House to seek more federal aid and talk about Colorado’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump praised Polis for starting to reopen Colorado’s economy, saying he is doing a “QUOTE fantastic job.” Polis has been critical of the administration’s response to the outbreak, saying it was slow to send testing kits and medical supplies. But he says he accepted the White House invitation because the partnership with the federal government is important.

POLIS: We need all hands on deck, setting any ideological beefs aside, to be able to save lives and restore our economy to strength….

Polis says he urged the president to extend a federal program that is providing Colorado nursing homes with masks and other protective equipment. He also touted the state’s phased approach to reopening and said he hopes some ski areas can reopen next month.