Roaring Fork Schools Offering Grab-and-Go Meals to All Children Through Mid-April

Mar 30, 2020

Roaring Fork School district is now offering free, nutritious meals to children under 18. They can receive one breakfast and one lunch per day, regardless of or where they attend school or, household income status. Parents and legal guardians can pick up meals without children present. More information, including a schedule and a list of pickup locations,




The Roaring Fork Schools will provide free, nutritious meals to all children during the upcoming school closure beginning Monday, March 30 through Friday, April 17. All children 18 years of age and under will receive one breakfast and one lunch per day regardless of where the child attends school. This program is not just for low-income households, it is for all children, no qualifications are required.


“In recent weeks we have seen the shelves of our grocery stores empty. We know the need for food is great,” said Food Services Director Michelle Hammond. “The Nutrition Service team is anxious to meet this basic need for the children of our community.”


Children do not have to be present to receive a meal; parents and guardians can pick up meals for their children. Meals will be provided on weekdays in designated locations in each community, including specific school sites and stops on bus routes. The locations and times are listed on the district website here. This meal delivery schedule may change in response to program participation and need. Any changes will be communicated immediately. 

“After each day, we are hoping to learn how we can continue to make this program better,” said Chief Operating Officer Jeff Gatlin. “Whether it is the quantity of meals or the locations identified, our goal is to adjust as needed to ensure we are meeting the needs of our families and communities.”

This program is possible because the Colorado Department of Education received a waiver from the USDA that allows schools to offer an emergency feeding program that does not require meals to be provided in a group setting during the unanticipated school closure due to COVID-19. 

“Nutrition Service staff have been identified as essential employees and they have generously accepted this responsibility,” said Hammond. “I am sincerely grateful to each staff member for their selfless commitment ensuring meals will be provided.”