Smithsonian Astronomer Visits Geekspeak

Sep 16, 2016

David A. Aguilar is a naturalist, astronomer, author, space artist, and science communicator. He is the former Director of Science Information and Public Outreach at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA, former Director of Fiske Planetarium and Science Center and the founder of the Science Discovery Program at University of Colorado Boulder. He was also the Marketing Communications Director at Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation where he was member of the Hubble Space Telescope repair team. And, he was the Marketing Director for PBS’s Emmy-winning, 7-part NOVA series, "Evolution". While at Harvard, he hosted the popular Observatory Nights series, “Everything I Know About Science – I Learned At The Movies!” available on YouTube.  In 2015, he directed the NASA’s New Horizons Mission special media team during the fly-by close encounter of Pluto. 

Credit KDNK