The Tactile Traveler: InChroma Lenses and More

Jul 6, 2021

In this episode: InChroma Lenses may help 80 percent of color blind people experience colors. How Oregon's 273 State Parks are becoming blind and handicapped friendly, and cruising in a "Cruise Origin," a time shared self-driving car

Credit Shelly

  Journalist Nick Isenberg applies his skills and experience to a new show that seeks to "empower blind and low vision people to explore the world and help the sighted to see the world in a new way."

The goal of this podcast is to empower blind and low-vision people to  explore the world, and help our sighted friends see the world in a new  way.  Frequently, as people lose their eyesight, they become  more and more isolated. The Tactile Traveler hopes to empower people,  not only to go literally around the world, but around the block to new  adventures in their lives