Ask the Vet

Animal fitness and health is as important to us today as our own fitness and health. Join local veterinarians to discuss timely topics important to the health of your dogs, cats or horses every third Thursday of the month. Subjects range from preventive care to treatment and behavior. Call in and try to stump the vet with concerns or curiosities about your own pet or maybe your friends' or neighbors' pets.

Ask the Vet: End of Life Care

Jul 15, 2021
Ask the Vet

The end of our pet's life is never easy to deal with, but being prepared can help with the transition. Dr. Jennifer Davis and Veterinary Technician Darren discuss different ways we can be ready for this difficult time.

Ask The Vet: Hot Summer Tips

Jun 17, 2021
Alpine Animal Hospital

Hosts discuss all things summer! Dr. Mellissa Gisleson and nurse Darren give listeners tips on how to keep pups cool this hot summer. More tips on how to keep anxious dogs calm during 4th of July and thunderstorms.

The Grass is Always Greener...

Apr 15, 2021 the spring! And, according to Dr. Chuck Maker, that means grass-eating animals will be going through some dietary changes. This month on Ask the Vet, he and Jane Bachrach talk about signs of spring in your animals' manure and more.

No Grapes for Dogs & No Lilies for Cats

Mar 18, 2021
Alpine Animal Hospital

Dr. Davis and Rochelle from Alpine Animal Hospital talk common pet toxins that lead to poisoning, including household products, human foods and medicines, insecticides, and compost!

The Vets Review Spay and Neuter Basics

Feb 18, 2021

Dr. Melissa Gisleson and Nurse Darren discuss when to spay dogs of different sizes and breeds, helping pets prepare for the procedure and the best ways to heal, including...the dreaded cone.

Finding Your Perfect Pet Match on Ask the Vet

Jan 21, 2021
Alpine Animal Hospital

What factors should you consider when adopting a pet? This month, Alpine Animal Hospital Vet Dr. Louise Marron and nurse Darren Houser talk about the importance of considering factors like time, finances, other pets, home-size, activity levels, and more when finding the right pet for you. 

Ask the Vet about Winter Horse Care

Dec 17, 2020
Ask the Vet

It's the holiday season. Is it also finally time to look a gift horse in the mouth? Hosts Dr. Chuck Maker of Equine Animal Hospital and Jane Bachrach will talk about this and much more about large animal health during the winter season.

Pet Cancer Awareness Month on Ask The Vet

Nov 19, 2020
Ask the Vet

Do you know about pet-friendly sunscreen? A caller hears about this and other ways to prevent, detect, and treat cancer in our pets from Alpine Animal Hospital veterinarian hosts Dr. Louise Marron and Darren Houser.

Ask the Vet Observes Pet Obesity Awareness Month

Oct 15, 2020
Les Chatfield, Flickr

Alpine Animal Hospital veterinarians Angela Durkac and Darren Houser inform listeners about pet obesity: it's consequences and methods for prevention.

Ask the Vet

Jane Bachrach is joined by Dr. Chuck Maker to share advice for keeping our animals well during the intense August heat and recent prominence of thick smoke in the area.

This month on Ask the Vet Dr. Liz Foster and Vet Tech Emily Yannarella outline facts regarding transmission of COVID-19 through domestic pets. A caller asks about a finnicky cat who doesn't like her kidney-friendly diet. Our hosts also discuss COVID-19 safety protocols in veterinary clinics, and the impacts that the pandemic has had on pets, and the services they need.

Alpine Equine Hospital

Dr. Chuck Maker and Jane Bachrach host a COVID-centric Ask the Vet focusing mostly on horses.

Ask the Vet Explores Responsible Pet Ownership

Feb 20, 2020
Alpine Animal Hospital

Beth Broome and Dr. Melissa Gisleson recognize February as "Responsible Pet Ownership Month."

Ask the Vet Ponders Alternative Therapies

Jan 16, 2020
Alpine Animal Hospital

Dr. Jen Kelley of Alpine Animal Hospital joins Beth Broome chat about alternative therapies on Ask the Vet. The recording of this broadcast was interrupted by maintenance work at the radio station.

Dr. Maker Gives Large Animal Advice

Dec 19, 2019
Alpine Equine Hospital

Dr. Chuck Maker of Alpine Equine Hospital talks about caring for large animals in cold environments.

Ask the Vet

Today on Ask the Vet, Beth Broome and Dr. Melissa Gisleson of Alpine Animal Hospital talk about pet adoption.

Ask the Vet Diagnoses Animal Pain

Sep 19, 2019
Alpine Animal Hospital

Beth Broome and Dr. Liz Foster talk about signs to tell if your pet is experiencing pain and what to do next.

Ask the Vet Gives Dog and Cat Advice

Aug 15, 2019
Alpine Animal Hospital

Beth Broome and Dr. Louise Marron share pet care expertise and recieve several informative calls.

Ask the Vet Explores Grain Free Dog Food Concerns

Jul 18, 2019
Alpine Animal Hospital

Researchers are finding that dogs could be developing heart disease based on a grain free diet. Local veterinarians Beth Broome and Dr. Louise Marron talk about the issue.

Ask the Vet Talks Parasites

May 16, 2019
Alpine Animal Hospital

Dr. Liz Foster joins host Beth Broome to inform listeners about parasites: the myths and latest advice.

Ask the Vet Talks Equine Care

Apr 18, 2019

Dr. Chuck Maker joins Beth Broome to talk about caring for horses.

Ask the Vet and "Free-Free" Vet Visits

Mar 21, 2019
Alpine Animal Hospital

Host Beth Broome and Dr. Marron of Alpine Animal Hospital talk about the "fear free" trend, making visits to the vet as minimally stressful for the animal as possible.

Ask the Vet

This month's edition of the Ask the Vet, host Beth Broome talks with Dr. Melissa Gisleson of Alpine Animal Hospital about heart health in pets and animals. February is American Heart Month.

Ask the Vet: From a Puppy to a Dog

Jan 21, 2019
Ask the Vet

On this month's edition of Ask the Vet, Beth talks to Dr. Liz Foster about the best ways to make sure your new puppy grows into a healthy, happy dog. Ask the Vet airs on the third Thursday of each month. Local veterinarians discuss timely topics important to the health of dogs, cats and horses. Subjects range from preventive care to treatment and behavior. Hear archived episodes here.

Dr. Maker Returns to Talk About Winter Equine Care

Dec 20, 2018

Dr. Chuck Maker and Beth Broome share about how to properly care for horses in the winter.

Ask the Vet

Dr. Liz Foster joins Beth Broome is discuss pet diabetes on Ask the Vet, advising folks to think twice about feeding table scraps to their animals arounds the holidays.

Ask the Vet Shares Canine Behavior Advice

Oct 18, 2018
Wikipedia Commons

Certified canine behavior consultant Beth Broome shares her knowledge on properly training dogs.

Ask the Vet Talks Animal Pain Awareness

Sep 20, 2018
Alpine Animal Hospital

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month! Host Beth Broome is joined by Dr. Melissa Gisleson of Alpine Animal Hospital to speak on the topic.

Traveling with Pets Advice on Ask the Vet

Jul 19, 2018
Alpine Animal Hospital

Dr. Chad Roeber of Alpine Animal Hosptial joins Beth Broome to discuss traveling with pets and summer heat!

Alpine Animal Hospital

Host Beth Broome is joined by Dr. Chuck Maker, large animal veterinarian at Alpine Animal Hospital, to talk about caring for horses in the hot summer months.