Live call-in tech talk show with  Matt McBrayer, Louie Girardot, Foreign Correspondent Donna, and occasional special guests.

This week on Geekspeak, Louie and Matt experiment with web browsing filtration.

KDNK's geeks review two-factor authentication, then chat with Donna about buying a new phone and the coolest weather apps.

The Geeks

KDNK's geeks share the importance of community media, mention the perseverance of phone scams and then Donna calls to talk about travel. Plus, advice is given about running Linux in lieu of Windows.

Geekspeak Talks Reddit

Aug 5, 2019

Matt McBrayer is joined by KDNK's new news director Lucas Turner to chat about Reddit, 4chan and other online forums and resources.

The Geeks

Andrea Orrego, found and CEO of Atelier, and Chris Beebe, founder of GloBe Map, join Matt and Louie to chat about designing apps and local opportunities to get involved.

The Geeks

Louie Girardot and Matt McBrayer are KDNK's trusted geeks. In this week's show, they encourage critical engagement with news media and remind listeners to jiggle their cables and restart devices. Donna calls to talk about Google Lens.

KDNK Geeks Talk About "The Ring"

May 20, 2019
Wikipedia Commons

What ring, you ask? Foreign correspondent Donna calls in to explain.

The Geeks

Between answering calls, KDNK's Geekspeak shares the latest in tech, including Amazon's venture into package delivery, and gives tips for safeguarding passwords.

Guest Tanner Stirrat joins Matt McBrayer to discuss the European Union's Articles 11 and 13 and what changes those may bring to the Internet. 

The Geeks

April Fools! Matt and Louie explain "Poe's Law" and share some April Fools fun. Plus, Japanese talking toilets?

The Geeks give details about Google Chrome's "zero-day vulnerability," providing tips for password security and answering live calls with tech questions.

The Geeks

This month's episode of Geek Speak warns against accepting phone calls from someone representing "the Internet." And the Geeks answer your general tech questions.

Geek Speak airs twice monthly on KDNK. It's a live call-in tech talk show with Matt McBrayer, Louie Girardot, Foreign Correspondent Donna, and occasional special guests. Hear past episodes here.

The Geeks weigh in on Facebook's 15-year anniversary and ponder whether the social media network is a glowingly wonderful thing, or just plain evil. Geek Speak airs two Mondays a month on KDNK. The live call-in show features hosts Matt McBrayer, Louie Girardot, Foreign Correspondent Donna, and occasional special guests. Hear archived episodes here.

The Geeks

On this week's Geek Speak, hosts Louie Girardot and Matt McBrayer talk tech, including the relationship between iCloud and Google Photos. Catch Geek Speak every first and third Monday on KDNK. Hear archived episodes here.

The program Geek Speak returns for a new year. DNA testing starts the conversation. Later, a caller wants to know more about so-called "fake news."

The Geeks

Louie and Matt say farewell to the craziness of 2018 with more advice for protecting oneself from online hackers.

Host Matt McBrayer is joined by KDNK News Director Raleigh Burleigh Shopping Safely and Louie Girardot by phone to give provide tips about shopping safely and smartly online.

Today on Geekspeak, Matt and Louie are joined by special guest Bryan Ward, founder of Sopris Health and Wellness and a lifetime geek, to discuss how technology may unite us when it seems to be so steadily dividing us.

The Geeks

The Geeks talk about problems with OS X 10.14, computer security, changes to mail and IBM buying the largest Unix distributor.

Matt McBrayer calls Louie Girardot for engaging conversation on Geekspeak.

The Geeks

The Geeks return to answer tech questions and give helpful advice about staying safe while surfing the web.

The Geeks

The Geeks return for a September show, reminding listeners to renew their support on the eve of KDNK's Fall Membership Drive.

DEF CON Hackers Easily Undermine Voting Machines

Aug 20, 2018
The Geeks

For today's Geekspeak McBrayer is joined by guests Jacob, who recently returned from DEF CON 2019, and Raleigh Burleigh. Topics include hacking, of course, and pesky printer connections.

The Geeks

After a considerable hiatus the Geeks are back with a new schedule. From now on out, you can catch Geekspeak every first and third Monday at 4:30. Louie also takes the opportunity to announce his semi-retirement before pondering some worst case scenarios of new tech like Alexa's improved memory recall.

The Geeks tell the latest in tech news and answer calls with helpful computer advice.

Steve Tarver joins the geeks discuss enterprise, public cloud, CenturyLink DSL, and an issue with Avast Antivirus and the latest Windows update.

The Geeks

The Geeks ponder a moment of silence for the death of net neutrality and go on to answer calls on other topics including the impending Robot Revolution.

The Geeks Return

Jun 4, 2018
The Geeks

After a short vacation, the Geeks are back to answer computer related questions and ponder peculiarities of the cyberverse, such as: Louie's untapped talents as a private detective.

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Coming up at 4:30 today, community broadband expert Christopher Mitchell from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance talks about municipal efforts to build high speed Internet networks across Colorado. That's at 4:30, only on KDNK.

The Geeks

Louie and Matt answer the pleas of callers with helpful computer advice and share their thoughts on the latest in tech and Facebook. The Geeks will be taking a deserved rest for the month of May.