Wicked Jazz

Wicked Jazz was founded by one of  KDNK's  founders, Wick Moses.  Cody Lee carries on the institution of Tuesday night Jazz, playing classic Jazz between the 1940's-70's and new music inspired by. Cody considers Jazz music to be the highest American art form, and this era of music to be the finest in musical recording history.  

Wicked Jazz Best of 2019

Jan 1, 2020

1) Nicholas Payton- 'Relaxin' with Nick'
2) Cochemea- 'All My Relations'
3) Monty Alexander- 'Wareika Hill-Rastamonk Vibrations'
4) Rachael & Vilray- 'Rachael & Vilray'
5) Joe Policastro Trio- 'Nothing Here Belongs'
6) Marlene Rosenberg- 'MLK Convergence'
7) Nerija- 'Blume'
8) Andrea Superstein 'Worlds Apart'
9) Kristy Kruger- 'Fever of Unknown Origin'
10) Leslie Pintchik Trio- 'Same Day Delivery-Live'
11) The Comet is Coming- 'Trust in the Life Force of the Deep Mystery'
12) Sefi Zisling- 'Expanse'